PlayStation Network Offline: Five Reasons it's a Good Thing (Modojo)

Chris Buffa (Modojo): PlayStation 3 and PSP owners have had plenty of time to sing the blues, as Sony struggles to get its PlayStation Network online after hackers torpedoed the service and made off with customers' personal information.

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Max_Dissatisfaction3022d ago

Lol seriously? I find them very sad

jadenkorri3022d ago

i wish people would stop diluting themselves into this kinda of crap. How can psn being down ever be a good thing.

LOGICWINS3022d ago

All I know is that if PSN doesn't come back tommorrow..then this is gunna turn into one big ass joke.

whothedog3022d ago

Yeah the only good thing is free stuff, other than that this sucks.

LOGICWINS3022d ago

Yeah, I'm thinking they stuff there gunna give away will be REAL good. I'm talking Infamous 1 and Warhawk for free. Like week one, I was like okay. But over THREE

Bleucrunch3022d ago

Are you able to play video games?? That is what the playstation 3 is a video game console...IF you dont understand that and think because PSN is down you cant do a thing with you ps3 then you are delusional...OMG like what did you do last gen bro? Sounds like you're bitter and greedy about something...PSN down is the end of the world.

B1663r3022d ago

Wow, my snark-o-tron generator is really off today, I should be able to come up with something extra snarky in response to desperation lists like this one, and I just can't...

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BattersUp3022d ago

What? WTF? There is no good thing about this. I have to hear idiots ragging on my PS3. I just want to get back online and put this behind me. This ain't nuthin but some BS tryin to get hits off the downtime.

donniebaseball3022d ago

On the humbling Sony point, I think that already happened when PS3 got off to such a terrible start in its first year.

Hagaf223022d ago

1. It gives you something to write about
2. Let's you make more stupid list to submit on N4G
3. Gives your site hits for the same crap post for 3 weeks now
4. Gives the author a sense of being
5. Gives you something to piss me off about

Bleucrunch3022d ago

Amen Hagaf...Bubbles for you...I just wish this was at the top of the comment board...A lot of these people complain about nothing...they especially don't know a thing about networks...I will say it so that they can understand...NO NETWORK IS TOTALLY SECURE...ITS NOT POSSIBLE...their are hackers and crackers that work day an night to infiltrate company networks to do damage.

Loner3022d ago Show
Urrakia343022d ago

@loner- Yea it's obviously the weakest since it only took about 4-5 years to hack it! What a bunch of noobs.

jadenkorri3022d ago

how do you know loner, I mean seriously, are you a computer hacker and know their system and have in-dept working knowledge of other companies security to know and compare sonys. If it was so piss poor, why hasn't it been hacked since the launch of the console. if it sucked so bad, it should a been hacked back in 2006 when it launched.


its not a good thing atall i want to play online :(

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The story is too old to be commented.