AC: Revelations Details

With the Game Informer now on news stands heres a brief recap of the article and things to expect in Assassin's Creed Revelations!

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Stephen55433022d ago

I'm excited for this....I feel like I really shouldn't be, but I'm excited for this.

gorebago3022d ago

I'm REALLY excited for this. These game are the some of the most engaging games out there. These details make the wait bittersweet - awesome and rough.

jon12343022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

i have to disagree with you guys... :(

i think these games do such a horrible job at telling a story... i mean the game is supposed to be about desmound, but to me it seems like ezio's story, and desmound is some guy in the game.... i think once ezio's story is over, we will learn a little more about desmound, then they will come out with a new assassin and work on his story to continue milking this series...

Stephen55433022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Whoever said the game is supposed to be about Desmond? So far the series has used Desmond as a tool to tell the stories of 2 ancestors lives. If you don't like that, fine, but saying that the game does a horrible job at telling a story because you think it's supposed to be all about Desmond is ridiculous. Did you write the story, have it all about Desmond, and then give it to Ubisoft (which then promptly added a lot of story with the Templars in the past with his ancestors)? If so then I will agree with you.

Again, everyone has their own tastes, it's cool if you don't like the series, you're reasoning is flawed though. Maybe right now it's supposed to be about Ezio (and Altair...which is featured again in this game) for a reason? Of course I think it's possible they're milking it, hence my "I feel like I really shouldn't be excited for this" statement.

MostJadedGamer3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

The games are suppose to be about playing in epic Historical settings. That has always been AC's main selling point being able to play in epic Historical settings.

Desmond, and all the other Sci-Fi, and Modern crap hurt, and interrupt the game, and should either be totally removed or limited to just a few minutes.

Lucreto3022d ago

Remember when AC1 was being released they left out Desmond until the last few weeks before release.

Desmond is important but he is not the main character.

mriono3022d ago

Desmound will take on importance when the time comes. Everything he needs to learn etc. is based on his links to the past. Heck in the first game you were stuck with him in one area walking around the same areas. As with every previous game he will evolve in the future based on what he learns from his memories and eventually you will get the Desmound game you want, til then enjoy the series for what it is. I personally love the fact that they are historically accurate, there is tons of content both main mission and side missions and the settings are beautiful. I look forward to more news in the coming weeks and an e3 reveal.

BlmThug3022d ago

Wow Ur Display Picture Is Horrible. OT : The Milk Is Delicious So No Complains From Me

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