What Is a Hardcore Gamer?

TGH writes: Hardcore gaming is a term that has been thrown around a lot in recent years. But what is a ‘Hardcore Gamer’, what separates the hardcore gamers from the casual gamers?

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DeeZee3019d ago

In my opinion, a hardcore gamer is someone that's passionate about video games. They don't have to own every system, and play for 8 hours a day. You can own one and play for an hour a week and still be "hardcore", as long as you're passionate about it.

Scyrus3019d ago

eeeehh i dunno, your definition is ok but at the same time being passionate about games means you should own every system.

if your passionate about games you want to play anygame that is good regardless of console.

A hardcore gamer knows about upcoming releases, knows about most games, They don't have to be good at them but they must play alot of types of games.

No they dont need to play 8 hours a day, like you said, loving games is all you really need. But again you cant really call yourself a hardcore gamer if youu pass on playing halo, gears, god of war, uncharted, killzone etc.

just what i think anyway.

A good game isn't determined by what console its on but by the quality of the game itself

RedDragan3019d ago

You are both wrong... if you listen to half the kids on this site.


It appears that unless you marry your console, commit adultery with another two consoles, and then pay a PC for funtime, then you are not a hardcore GAMERZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!


Kurt Russell3019d ago

There is no such thing as a hardcore gamer. Just a hardcore nerd.

Zydake3019d ago

And apparently use z's when s's should be used. Lol

But seriously now a days gaming is bs. Cause of the kids yesterday I was playing zombies and all this kid was yelling about on the mix was to go on the slide 0.0... These Kidd ruin my gaming experience

soren3019d ago

wow look at all the disagrees lol BUY XBOX EVERY WOOT

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TreMillz3019d ago

A hardcore gamer is non existent. Why? Because nothing defines what makes you a hard core gamer. If i dont own all systems im not hardcore? if i dont play online im not hardcore? if i only play E rated games im not hardcore? if i dont own a headset, use mouse/keyboard, if i use convex triggers rather than concave im not hardcore? Why not? Why am i not hardcore? Guess what, you wouldnt be able to answer because what makes you "hardcore" doesnt make the person next to you any less harcore and vise versa.

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kneon3019d ago

My definition of a hardcore gamer doesn't involve anything about the type of game they play, how many they own, how often they play or what system they play on.

For me you are a hardcore gamer if you have the determination to beat a game/level/boss no matter what. You will die countless times trying by you will keep trying until you succeed.

Even if you suck and find the easiest mode challenging you're still hardcore to me if you fit the above description.

DeeZee3019d ago

Yeah, the whole "hardcore/casual" thing probably needs to go away. No more labels, let's just play games :)

Aarix3018d ago

I dont want to be roped in on the same label as someone playing angry birds on a iphone cause gears of war 2 is too intimidating to play.

CtrlAltDel3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Someone who will play games of almost all game types (RPGs, FPSs, scrollers, etc.), all types of games (casual, arcade, sims, etc), have a preference (mine is FPS sims), will play on any device (mobile, console & PC) and will not blindly be devouted to any particular device or company.


Chnances are, you aren't hardcore if:

1. You follow console sales.

2. You pretend company negligence is non-existent or you placate it (RRoD, YLoD & PSN network outage, etc.)

3. You're only interested in one devices' exclusives, yet another console's exclusives is the same types of games you play.

4. You blatantly spew OPINION as facts ("PSN is lag-free", etc.)

5. You hate on journalists, articles and sites thatcover any negative story or your gaming device.

And lastly, (on this site); you are a Phantom Disagreer and will pile on the disagrees on anyone you deem is NOT a Playstation fanboy like yourself, regardless if that person owns the PS3 or not.

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VenGencE9993018d ago

"Someone who will play games of almost all game types (RPGs, FPSs, scrollers, etc.), all types of games (casual, arcade, sims, etc), have a preference (mine is FPS sims), will play on any device (mobile, console & PC) and will not blindly be devouted to any particular device or company. "

This I agree with, everything else comes off as bias and you taking a shot, which is sad because the first part is spot on but is completely smeared by the rest of your statement.
If your not going to list tit for tat don't list any examples.

not here to debate you, just thought I'd share why I disagreed...

ShadyDevil3019d ago

I consider myself a hardcore gamer because I have all systems...and purchase new ones upon release and have a buttload of games lol. I enjoy all types from easy to hard to PSN to handheld.

impulse1353019d ago

your only a hardcore gamer if you own a ps3
Got it

B1663r3019d ago

if you don't know the difference between your and you're you might be a hardcore gamer.

No seriously, a hardcore gamer is someone who likes games that show full frontal violence and weapon penetration...

While a softcore gamer is someone who only likes the games that they play late night on the weekend on Showtime and Cinemax.

soren3019d ago


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