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Dart893021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Yes yes yes muahahaha.

Edit:@Joni that's what i said the other day imagine trading in you're ps3 and the next day Sony turns PSN back on you would be shhpting you're self in the foot.

Abash3021d ago

YES! Ive missed playing SOCOM 4 and Killzone 3 online

sack_boi3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Don't hate, youll all get to experience the new and superior PSN soon.

LOGICWINS3021d ago

^^When did you get into the beta?

plstcsldgr3021d ago

@sack_boi must we antagonize the morons, people will believe that crap.

LOGICWINS3021d ago

^^I'm pretty sure that its "his" world.

Razmossis3021d ago

I massively doubt there will be a new 'revamped' PSN, no matter what they say

Raf1k13021d ago

It'll be the same PSN but more secure.

Dee_913021d ago

it will be up in japan first

sikbeta3021d ago

lol @ you people, who cares about a revamped PSN atm, PS3 gamers want PSN back up ASAP...

robser733021d ago

MusterBuster, the EU Community Team Leader, has written over twitter: "Seriously excited. Moderators looking at me like I'm insane. I haven't been this giddy since I first got a PS3. #BouncingOffTheWalls"

Starhawk or PSN ? :)

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Joni-Ice3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Meanwhile, previous PS3 users are saying "Damn I just traded my PS3."


Istanbull3021d ago

People who traded in their PS3s are the definition of being dumb. Who would pay 350 euros just to play the same game back online on Live lmao

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L3021d ago

Lol, and then we'll laugh at them.

Kurt Russell3020d ago

Playstation... has no games.

jriquelme_paraguay3021d ago

i dont care.. i just want my f"$ng PSN back!
just STFU Sony and Turn it ON

Biggest3021d ago



Just chill out. Find a good single player game. Learn the value of reading a book. Make your Dad an ashtray. Take a shower and meet an attractive person. It's only for a few more days.

jriquelme_paraguay3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

i say i dont care words words words, Status Update and say NOTHING NEW.

Just STFU and turn on the PSN ON (when is ready)

"If you can´t make better the silence, STFU!"

AyeGee3021d ago


Do you ever proofread?

Nineball21123021d ago

@ AyeGee

Did you ever think that maybe English isn't his first language?

Biggest3021d ago

His English isn't a problem. His reasoning is. Half of the PSN doom articles are about Sony's apparent silence. Yet, here this guy shows up screaming for them to say even less. You can't please everyone is the saying, right?

AyeGee3021d ago


What's your point? There's no excuse to not proofread lol.. spanish is my second language, and when i speak it, i try to make sure it sounds good.

jriquelme_paraguay3021d ago

@AyeGee a ver, decime algo quiero leer que tan bien podes hablar español sin sonar como un Robot.
Yo estoy hablando de la PSN, de que no me importa mas escuchar "no sabemos cuando volvera" porque no aporta mas nada, es innecesario.
Si van a hacer algun comunicado, que digan algo concreto. No lo mismo de siempre.
Mejor que no digan mas NADA y que la PSN este Online cuando lo este.

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Tony-Red-Grave3021d ago

lolz thats just ad timing but if you traded when you heard the news right now your 360 would be going straight back to gamestop

Soldierone3021d ago

Which I believe the trade in values have dropped to under 100 dollars, even less if its not a slim style. And thats if it has the hard drive, controllers, etc...

Fat PS3's are only worth like 50, i asked what people were getting for those the other day.

So the funny part in this? These people probably talk about not paying to play on PSN but just slapped down at least 100 bucks to play on Live for 3 weeks lol.

dragon823020d ago

The GameStop here wont even tell you how much they will give you unless you bring the console in to them first. Probably so they can break it for you so you have to buy a new one. LOL

NexusCurb3021d ago

But what if it doesn't happen?

MasterCornholio3021d ago

Yeah i agree with Dart89 that would suck totally. Anyways i am sure it will be back soon

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psb3021d ago

it's back soon. I can't explain how lame this past two weeks have been for me without PSN. :(

Joni-Ice3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

The funny thing is we use to own consoles back in the day and buy tons of games with no online options.

claterz3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

back in the day games had better single player lol.
This whole outage has made me realize that over half the games I have suck without online...I'm gonna start concentrating on buying good single player games from now on.

Barajas_2013021d ago

for example jak and daxter :), awesome series by the way

Biggest3021d ago

Times like this allowed me to catch up on RPGs that I missed. Since the outage I've played:

Star Ocean: The Last Hope Int.
Resonance of Fate
Jeanne D'Arc
Eternal Sonata
Patapon 3

Without the outage I would have probably only played Patapon 3 and Killzone 3. I learned gaming on single player/local multiplayer consoles. I still love both.

hiredhelp3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

I say bring back the good days of SP too.
didnt rely on MP just good long SP enjoyed every bit of it.

your right jack daxter did rock preferd better than rachet and clank myself.

AyeGee3021d ago

Eh.. when the PSN went down, i stuck to my rpg classics like Xenogears. I still haven't beaten all my rpgs yet.. i'm getting very close.

And when i got bored.. i'd game on my PC, it's a decent gaming rig :)

DirtyLary3020d ago

Majority of these whiners were in diapers back in the day.

Who3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

@ claterz

So true unfortunately.

The past few weeks PSN was offline, I just took a look at my collection of about 20+ PS3 games and it's like, "Nope, nah, been there..." one after the next. Don't get me wrong, great games, but short-lived and not very re-playable more than twice, while others needed the online to be enjoyed after SP.

Jak and Daxter was awesome, one of my favorite action/platformers of its time. It was much more challenging and engaging than our present Ratchet and clank.

Lately I find myself playing MGS4 on different acts messing with the AI, setting traps, etc. Even though its not an open-world game, it's still enjoyable and another classic for me which I'll always fall back on.

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marcindpol3021d ago

you meant three weeks and one day...

napalmbrainmusic3021d ago

i can . . . PURE LAMENESS !!!!

Tony-Red-Grave3021d ago

unless you have multi player games only no pc and cable then it mustve been hell?

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user83971443021d ago

Whatever sony they said that like 2 weeks ago.


sure this got reported last week we need proof please :)

Hagaf223021d ago

These stories follow the " working around the clock" and "next few days" updates. Can't have one with out the other.

Big-Boss3021d ago

grey fox is that you long time no see


Yes bigboss it is me frank i have rose up from the grave :D

NarooN3021d ago

Whose footprints are these?

Pentex3021d ago

SOCOM 4 leaderboards

Check for weekly leaderboards and you get 32 people (enough for a full game), quite a few of them with clearly test names.

DtotheRoc3021d ago

i took your advice but i didnt' see any TESTER-sounding names...can you please reiterate? i might have punched in something wrong.

scotchmouth3021d ago




StanRaimondi3021d ago

Don't play im gonna be pissed if this is fake and since i don't do twitter i can't see for myself

Joni-Ice3021d ago

Just click the word translation. Its a link to the post. You dont need twitter.