Rockstar's L.A. Noire gamble, and why we hope it pays off

L.A. Noire is more than likely heading for high review scores across the board and Rockstar have indugled in a substantial and expensive marketing campaign, but will this be enough to guarantee significant sales?

Here are some of the problems that game faces in terms of shifting copies, and why it's important for gaming that L.A. Noire succeeds commercially...

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gillri3025d ago

it wont sell RDR or GTA big

but it'll do 3/4 million

stealth500k3025d ago

I dont even think it will do that well. Maybe 2 million

despair3025d ago

nope it'll sell more than that, like gillri said 3-4 million. Its got Rockstar name behind it and actually looks really good.

AAACE53025d ago

I think gillri meant 750,000 when said 3/4 million!

Either way, this is a risky game!

Will most gamers be willing to play a game based in the 40's? We see that Mafia 2 didn't do so well. And on the surface, gamers will view it on that same level.

Keep your fingers crossed, because today's gamer likes fast paced action!

despair3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )


Its not about the era, its all about the game type. Detective investigating crime scenes, strong story, interviewing witnesses, reading faces all with car chases, gun play and excellent voice acting and creepy good facial animations. I mean who doesn't want to play a game like that. I for one got a taste of it in Heavy Rain, but this is different and intriguing.

I mean sure its not GTA and RDR was something special as well but its going to sell a lot on both systems, its just a mix between, great looking game, intriguing setting and the backing of Rockstar.

edit: Also with the success of games like HR and Demon's Souls, people are not just one sided quick fix gamers. There is a big market for games like this, its a vaccuum in the industry and this may just fill it some.

Oh and RDR also wasn't all fast paced action and it sold ridiculous numbers.

NukaCola3025d ago

This game looks really great. I honestly don't think this game is going to get over looked. I bet it does at least 4mil across all platforms.

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DtotheRoc3024d ago

@ AAA, the reason mafia 2 didn't do so well is unless you enjoyed the story there wasn't really any actually substantial gameplay or reward for the game. it was short and sweet and a great setting yes but not the best for 2k games that's for sure. The biggest problem was the game had literally game-breaking issues or freezing on ps3 at least my copy did and so did a lot of ppl i talked to so i've never actually finsihed it but i was RIGHT at the end but i said the hell with it after 15-some tries and returned it for a refund. Now THIS game is going to be entirely different than that. mafia was good but not INNOVATING. THIS game shoudl be as good as heavy rain another ps3 exclusive--may bad i know it's not anymoer but la noire was originally a ps3 exclusive which has me even more excited for it. i miss good single player games. this whole online mp focus in this spoiled generation has RUINED a lot of a great gaming experiences the last 2 years....

Seijoru3025d ago

Considering how much Heavy Rain sold I wouldn't be too worried.

hiredhelp3025d ago

and that game witch i loved by the way was soly for sony. this for both platforms.

DtotheRoc3024d ago

yes but LA noire was originally designed as a ps3 exclusive

hiredhelp3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Wow really. Sweet stuff i like when 3rd party takes time to know the hardware of the ps3 you know then not another port. Red dead was amazing also not ported good work rockstar. Team bondi still cant get over team bondi being involved sweet stuff. Just next week now.

gillri3025d ago

indeed I have alot of pre-advertising here in the UK

nick_gamestribe3025d ago

Yeah, they've been hitting it hard for a while now online and in print mags. Very much not kissing Rockstar's behind with the article (or trying not to anyway) but I do genuinely hope it's successful enough for the industry to take note and develop more games of this ilk.

DtotheRoc3024d ago

heavy rain happened over a year ago and it was fantastic also point and click adventure games from the pc days sure played a lot into this style of gameplay. only thing rockstar did was throw in some gta action to make sure it sells well lol.

DanSolo3025d ago

I think it will do well, and I really hope it does.... it is good that Rockstar are not taking the pussy route of just riding GTA's success.

They are pushing gaming forward and giving us better experiences, and also helping the industry to grow up and become more appealing to people who still consider it to be a kids/nerds hobby.

Let's be honest, GTA although it is fun is not exactly the height of intellectually stimulating recreation... nothing wrong with that as it can be good to relax with a fun but immature game... but it is good to see Rockstar giving us both options!

Looking forward to checking out the investigation/interrogation side of things.... I'm hoping it will be genuinely well put together and actually require genuine reasoning skills!

FunAndGun3025d ago

Agree. I am not too thrilled with the time period, but I am going to support this game because it is progressive for gaming in general.

DanSolo3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

I understand what you mean as it is not a time period that immediately springs to mind if I think of game settings, but I personally am looking forward to the time period as it is one I do not know much about and have not played in a game before.

I found with Assassins Creed 2 and AC:B, that although I generally had no interest in the Renaissance Period before... after playing those games, and the way the history was woven in with the fantasy that I developed an interest in that time period afterwards.

I think once you start playing the game you will likely get immersed into the game and enjoy the change of setting as Rockstar are the type to pull it off well. I'm not saying that to kiss their asses as I don't care about any of that fanboy crap... but I'm just saying it out of respect for a job well done and the fact that they have the balls to try different things!
To be honest although I like GTA and find the games alot of fun, I don't think there was ever much balls in making it, as it was pretty much an easy way to success as it was a game that was guaranteed to just generate it's own hype. But now they are taking that success and using it to move forward... and that is a good thing!

But either way you have a good attitude towards it!

soundslike3025d ago

Gamble? Are you kidding me?

-Rockstar label
-TV ads up the wazoo
-TV ads that show the R* label
-New Tech

Rockstar always sells, and fancy new graphics technology always sells, whether its good or not is irrelevant. Its going to sell enough to warrant sequels and DLC and ripoffs. It may not convince the "too-cool-to-play-anythin g-but-10/10-CODsequels" crowd its something legendary, but by then a lot of them will have already bought it.

nick_gamestribe3025d ago

Agreed up to a point, soundslike. Yes Rockstar games always sell, but given the investment (tech, marketing etc on top of normal development costs) will that be enough for the game to make a bigger splash on the industry as a whole? And by that I mean convincing pubs/devs that there is still a strong, viable audience for this sort of title. As DanSolo above says, I really hope it will do well.

Anyway, we'll soon see!

soundslike3025d ago

Actually I think the devs will be the first to be convinced. I'm pretty sure they are all jealous as hell that they aren't going down in history to have the first game with real actors performances captured at such high detail.

As far as publishers go, that really isn't as concrete as just sales and audience. Look at oblivion, I think people would agree that oblivion was a sucess, yet how many companies have the experience, money, and audacity to try and rival them, let alone an audience? The attempts that come to mind haven't been sported by big budgets (Two Worlds).

The fact is, games at this caliber of innovation are just rare and will always be rare.

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