“The Future is Getting Better” for Capcom’s PC Fans

Ironhammers: We’ve got a reputation for complaining as PC gamers, and I’ll be the first to pipe up and shout about how upset I am that certain Capcom titles have never made it over to the world of personal computing. However, it sounds as though Capcom are listening, and beginning to take the PC market a little more seriously.

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BeastlyRig3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

Rockstar is the worst! In this day and age just about ever game has a pc version!

starchild3020d ago

That game does look amazing. I hope they bring it to PC. I will never turn down more games for the PC.

caboose323020d ago

Yea I 100% agree that this needs to be on pc. If it's only for consoles I will rent it, but if it's for pc I will definitely buy it.

DrFUD3020d ago

It's only right Capcom admits to looking at PC power now because new consoles are coming that will rival good current PC specs

Fallouts3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

capcom blows this gen.. only game i liked was lost planet and they ruined the second part!

mastiffchild3020d ago

You're right. If you aren't a big fighting fan game(and I'm only a part timer)then this generation of games has been lacking, severely lacking on Capcom's part. the Good? The fighting games and MH3(I'm only talking home console and/or PC games), maybe? The OK? DR1 and 2, LP1 The poor? RE5, DMC4, BC, UC,DC, the REmakes for Wii(without motion controls so why?), DV and so on. The really, downright embarrassing? LP2 as a single player game(seriously why?), CTYD and the DLC SSF4 costumes.

For me, though their WORST games were on Wii we also saw their best games this generation on Wii but when only ONE of the three i'm talking about (Zack and Wiki)is an actual NEW game this gen(RE4 Wii and Okami being the other two)even THAT'S nowt to be proud of!

Usually, and in pretty much every other generation i'm a Capcom fantart but even an amazing new Dino Crisis imagining would fail to make up for the lax BS they've given us lately and sucking uop, belatedly, to a few PC gamers isn't enough for ANY of us-or shouldn;'t be. I sometimes see people saying Capcom have been on form this gen and wonder if i'm even the same species. I can accept if you love SF4 etc then they've done YOU a couple of decent turns but for a dev and publisher their size you must look at the whole package and lately it's been a wrapped up lump of dog turd for the most part with future games also being a pretty mixed looking bag of the odd gem and the odd, erm DmC.

Are any PC only gamers really excited that Capcom are giving a crap about them now? I don't really think PC when ?I think Capcom anyway but I doubt many trust them, at this point, as they did last gen or earlier.

Lionalliance3020d ago

but are their games better now?

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