Hitman Absolution New Details

Check out some new details regarding Hitman Absolution.

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carnt wait for this game 2012 too far away! :(

SolidStoner3026d ago

yeah, and they also say in 2012 will be released "the end of the world". I hope Hitman comes sooner!

RahatR3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

So i'm confused. The game is based off a movie or the movie is based off a book? This is a reboot? frak i hope they dont mess this up.


thats what im kind of getting worried about this best not be anything to do with the movie...

bauer0073026d ago

IO have confirmed, this game has NOTHING to do with the new movie :D

slate913026d ago

Uh oh, a movie to come out at the same time? Im sensing a rushed game. I hope not.

SolidStoner3026d ago

is there coming out new Hitman movie?

ExitToExisT3026d ago

it has been 5 years since blood money came out. Im not seeing any rush here.

blackhammer3026d ago

"A new Hitman movie launches next year to coincide with the film."

This sentence does not make sense. And the source is a forum post from no one special and I want to see if they got it from a particular magazine or what.

I do look forward to the using the great garrote again.

Ether3026d ago

Ooh, Marsha Thomason. Love me some British accent.

"They've known each other an extremely long time, and in the Hitman world, she is what Q is to James Bond"

Don't you mean M? Q is just the tech guy, I don't think he's particularly close to James Bond.