The PlayStation 3 Strikes Back

Simple economics says that when you bring the price of something down, as long as the demand is there, more people will buy it, and that's been proven true by Sony as sales of the PlayStation 3 have jumped after a price cut on the console last week.

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romemac76117d ago

there no doubt that with the price cut ps3 were going to go up. thing are looking good and with game like R&C,uncharted,haze,mgs4,ff 13, and gt5, the ps3 sale are going to be in the million and there no doubt in the mind of the people now. this is all sony needing to boost sale and now all the ps2 gamer waiting for price to go down can now upgrade there system to a ps3 and let me tell you that allot of people (120million)sony goin to get.

Twizlex6117d ago

Wow, this is old news. The article even says:

"Exactly which of the two versions of the hardware is responsible for the biggest part of the sales rise is unclear"

It's already been reported that 90% of the sales were from the 60GB version. I expected something different because of the title, but the fact is that this has been reported before on this site. Still, good news for Sony and anyone that didn't already read this.

Crazy Larry6116d ago

but that phrase is TYPICALLY used when things are looking bleak for a company...
We all know how that story ended.

JasonXE6116d ago (Edited 6116d ago )

Return of The Xbox 360?

Twizlex6116d ago (Edited 6116d ago )

Wow, 6 people disagreed with me and nobody agreed. How can you people be so biased? It's a FACT that this has been reported before, so what's there to disagree about? Fanboyism at it's worst, I swear. This site is turning into nothing but Sony-loving garbage, and you cunts can't even accept little insignificant truths if they are in any way negative towards Sony. I even say good news for Sony that their sales increased, and you sluts still flame me. Fųck you all...

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caffman6117d ago

it's too early on a sunday morning for this

mesh16117d ago

Another pro PS3 news on N4G boringggggggggg

nomad1176117d ago

It's never to early for playstation 3 news.

Kuest6117d ago (Edited 6117d ago )

Indeed, is it ever too early for a flame war?

myabsolution6117d ago

sure sales will go up for sony... but wont they lose more money at these price points?

I mean, it's no secret the ps3 has the expensive hardware goods packed inside the box.