PS3 trade-ins on the rise as PSN down time drags on

Retailers see increase in users swapping Sony's console for cash, Xbox 360s

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Mr-Dude3019d ago

Haha, that shows how stupid people really are...
if its really true

iamnsuperman3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

bear in mind the only figure given is up 200% how many returned before the outage???? We do not know the figures before the outage. If no-one returned a PS3 before then up 200% return could possibly be not to bad (i.e. a small figure)

longcat3019d ago

1 person returned console before outage
3 persons returned console after

200% increase

iamnsuperman3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

and 50% for a 360 and 50% for money so 1.5 people returned for a 360. It is far to make that assumption with no figures

zootang3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

3 weeks with no online, I'm not suprised. Some people will be going nuts. Also think about people who work in teams like footballers they won't wait, they will just go out and buy another console.

sack_boi3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Sony's had less bumps in the road than most other platform holders and this is the thanks you show them?

I've been angry about this as much as the next guy but it takes a sane person to know when to push and when to forgive.
I'm going to do my part by spending $80 on PSN when it comes back up and I suggest you do the same...
I suggest everyone of the 77 million users do the same. Imagine what 1.6 billion dollars can do for a company like Sony after this kind of crisis. We should all be thinking about what we can do to help.

If Sony goes down, could you seriously live with all those lost jobs on your head? My friend always said people in stone glasses can't through houses.
He was right in many ways even though he was wrong in the head; I knew what he meant. You could learn a thing or two about optimism from him.

Blacktric3019d ago

"Sony's had less bumps in the road than most other platform holders..."

2006-2008. Not gonna say anthing else.

r1sh123019d ago

people are going overboard..
I mean the article does say most people are swapping the consoles just to play COD - Fair enough.
IMO call of duty generally plays better on the xbox, but most PS3 exclusives is why I have a ps3.
But I bet sometime down the line they will re-buy a ps3.
Ive got both consoles, but Im sure as hell not gonna trade my ps3 in.
Hopefully in the UK we get the ID theft insurance that the USA have.
Otherwise theres gonna be an even bigger outcry here

Xeoset3019d ago Show
Legion3019d ago

@sac boi

There is a difference between optimism and blind faith. You have been told time and time again that 77 million is not the number of users but the number of accounts that were possibly hacked. Number of users is much less in comparison. And though your dollar amount is considerable it is not comparable to the amount of money already lost bye the issue at hand with the network outage and such.

I imagine that though a lot of users might be trading their systems in that once the network service is back up that many gamers might return to the system. This will of course add sales to the system as they loose nothing directly in trade ins but they do loose potential for software sales if the gamers don't return.

And what exactly is the full $80 for...? Where did that figure come from? Is that a currency thing....? Canadian dollars or something?

kaveti66163018d ago

"I'm going to do my part by spending $80 on PSN when it comes back up and I suggest you do the same..."

stfu please.

can you be any more subservient?

SixShotCop3018d ago

Sack_Boi is on a roll today. Dude, all i got to say is WOW. lmao!!

jadenkorri3018d ago

@ Xeoset

yeah sony handed the hackers the information, the psn was so unsecured that no-one bothered until now to hack psn.

AngryTypingGuy3018d ago

I have it on good word that in the beginning of the PlayStation 3 life cycle, Kaz Hirai walked under a ladder, broke a mirror, spilled salt and didn't throw it over his shoulder, and had a black cat cross his path ALL IN THE SAME DAY.

blitz06233018d ago Show
Etseix3018d ago

-Sony made the ps3 with backwards comp. wich icreased 100$ dlls, they had to took it off in order to reduce the price, and then the people cry over it?
-Sony makes PSN free, and everybody is thankfull, but also, then in order to stop an intruder on the system, Sony shuts off the entire PSN, and people cry over it?
-Sony creates PSN+ a system that returns ur $$$ in form of free games, plus gives you more good deals, and people still cry about it of how it needs ot be free?

all i have to say is, DAMN.

Xeoset3018d ago


Essentially, they did.

How cocky an attitude is it when a company decides to keep one closed environment where you play online, developers test their connectivity, developers access the PSN, you access the PSN, and store everything on that said network, in the vain hope that 'Hackers' are too stupid to worm their way in there? Not only this, all the above information was stored with little to no encryption.

I don't know about you, but I believe that this generation is marred with unbelievable cock-ups, this being the pinnacle. Not only is the secondary core service none-extistant at the moment, due to their idiocy when designing it they essentially handed your IDENTITY to frauds.

It's easy to point the finger at say, Microsoft, but their problem was one that was easily resolved. Console broke? We'll give you a better one. In this instance there is nothing Sony can do other than opt to give you a free PSN game or two, some PSN+ for a month, pay your DC Universe subscription. Here's the kicker though, you've already paid for that and they're just keeping you in their pocket. Now while you're on the floor being spanked by some xenophobic company they've all but given pretty much every detail about you bar your blood type to a group of people they shouldn't have meddled with in the first place.

This rant has gone on long enough. I'm not siding with other camps, be it Microsoft or Anonymous, I just wish people would pull their heads out of their arse. It's insane how illogical this place is.

AngryTypingGuy3018d ago

If all you play is shooters, it's better to have a 360 anyway.

paintsville3018d ago

the public's trust has been lost.

pixelsword3018d ago

@ iamsu:

You're also forgetting that Gamestop is having a trade-in deal.

tehpees33018d ago

@ sack_boi

Sony won't go under for this. it will take more than a bit of PSN downtime to take them out

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Tony-Red-Grave3019d ago

why are people stupid for going somewhere else to game online? and best of all xbox gives you one month free so within that month they can trade their 360 back in and get a ps3.

your so similar to kayla in that you judge the stupidist thing making you look bad

NatureOfLogic3019d ago

exactly, Im not going to trade-in my ps3, but if someone told me they were going to trade-in their ps3 at this point, I wouldn't call them stupid.

nickjkl3019d ago

wait so

trade a ps3 for xbox 360

for a month and then trade the 360 back for a ps3

just so

thats the dumbest thing i heard and the most wasteful thing eer

Dacapn3019d ago

The people you also have to consider are the ones who purchased a PS3 just before and during the outage with the intent of using it's online features. If I were one of those people, I'd return mine too. I have a 360 and PS3 so the wait hasn't been too bad, especially since I've been in finals mode for the past month anyway. I just want to get back to playing Street Fighter!

radphil3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

"why are people stupid for going somewhere else to game online? and best of all xbox gives you one month free so within that month they can trade their 360 back in and get a ps3. "

I have more of an issue with the example you stated. I would call someone definitely impatient if they went the trade route of PS3->360->PS3.

You know the sad thing is? I've seen it done before on games. It's like what the hell was the purpose of you doing that in the first place? You SPENT MORE AND WASTED doing that than waiting.

Legion3019d ago


Good point... those that just purchased the system are the most likely to turn around and trade it back in for cash or another system. I am sure they are the most likely of the crowd to give up on it.

The people that are most likely NOT to trade in their systems are the ones that originally purchased it for the added BluRay player feature. Seeing that the network being down would not effect them as much per say.

Even a hardcore gamer can have his faith in gaming rattled every now and then... it is imperative that Sony gets their system up as soon as possible. But also as secure as possible.

cyborg69713018d ago

I'd call em stupid cause I can. Why trade it in just buy it outright. Or how about this get a life beyond online gaming. Dbags constantly crying about this. I can't wait till psn is back fully so these quasi journalists can stfu.

NeoTribe3018d ago

Who the hell is gonna trade consoles left and right like that. You get a fraction of the cost back by trading it.

Panzerkanzler3018d ago

@Tony: I certainly call people who trade in their PS3 to get a 360, only to trade it back in one month, stupid. Really effing retarded. The ones who do it must be the severely brain damaged cod-generation of kiddies who have no reason to live beyond grinding that game. Besides, a trade in is always a monetary loss for consumer.

If people can't live without online gameplay for up to a month they should go see a doctor. That said I'm irritated at the long downtime myself but I'd rather they bring back a secure PSN tomorrow than bring it back up unsecure today. And I mostly blame the hackers (may they die horrible painful deaths, my honest wish).

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NobleGamer3019d ago

If they only knew that PSN will be back in a matter of time.. sigh...

Loner3019d ago

A "few days".Just like it was supposed to be a "few days" 3 weeks ago.

SlickShoes3019d ago

a matter of time?

We all know it is going to take time but even sony won't say how long. It is frustrating sitting waiting with all my recent purchases completed offline.

RustInPeace3019d ago

I find this funny. These phantom people trading in systems en mass who are most likely the same people up in arms about their personal data being out in the open. How many of these people realize that you still need to deactivate your account on your system or else its going to go to the next lucky consumer... With your data still stored on it? (Unless the outage still let's you access those options (or at the very least formatting the HDD)).

Stephen55433018d ago

@RustinPeace If you're referring to someone buying consoles used and having all their data... every store I know of that sells used systems (Gamestop, Gamer Dock, Play 'N Trade, etc) formats the system before reselling.

dragon823018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

Those systems still count towards your "5 total activated" consoles unless you can get on the network and deactivate them. So unless they aren't attached to their PSN ID and online stats, I wouldn't suggest trading consoles back and forth over something as petty as waiting a few weeks to play online.

Legion3018d ago

"...PSN will be back in a matter of time"
You do know time is infinite right?

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xstation793019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Got to love fanboys and their damage control methods. Calling people stupid is just one of them. I don't care how secure they make the psn, its just going to make the hackers try harder. Sony really messed up with the way they were dealing with hackers. We will see how many of you are still supporting sony after all this happens again

Jocosta3019d ago

I totally agree, Sony now has a huge target painted on their back from here on out. I am a little tired of a legion of defenders jumping on anyone who complains.

Diamondwolf3018d ago

@xstation - that's a flawed and even unrelated point you made.

Yes, not just playstation but if the roles were reversed, to trade it in just to get an online fix is.........STUPID! You not only lose money, you have to reset all of your saves and online achievements including achievements/trophies and all the perks you've gained on your online persona.

To impulsively jump ship and then realize that you have to start over and as you get your a$$ handed to you by the people who are already leveled up and comfortable with the controller you will instantly regret your decision.

whitezagetsu713018d ago

Yes sony screwed up but you have to remember that some people actually dont spend 400 dollars on a console to play COD 15 online while wearing that ball cap turned to the side a screaming lots of racial slurrs at white people who they thought were black. My point is dont call someone a fanboy because they can see how stupid people are... im all for owning all major console but selling one to get the other after only 3 weeks of of their network being down is just counter productive and stupid

Panzerkanzler3018d ago

Riiight...lets just be good little apolegetists concering the hacker pukes, that'l solve EVERYTHING. No, hackers should be treated like the human refuse they are. I mean really...let criminals dictate what you do or say?

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TBM3019d ago

You know what's funny I've played my PS3 more with psn down than my 360 which I am a silver member. Online is cool for a few hrs for me, but id rather play my single player because most of the time I don't like to be bothered by anyone.

Also I would never trade in my PS3 when its the only console of the 3 I own that has the most variety in so many genres.

TBM3018d ago

well it seems i've upset the other side even though i own all 3 consoles lol.

tawak3018d ago

people trading their ps3 ,will force to buy another one once psn return w/new features,games and stuff to compensate ps3 owners =)

MiloGarret3018d ago

You know, Sony isn't going to magically come and hire you just because you make these types of comments on N4G. Just thought I'd let you know.

TBM3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )


i don't need a job from sony i already have a good paying for the city of new york. im just stating the psn being down hasnt effected my playing of my ps3 one bit.

also if i was a one console owner i wouldnt trade in one system for another just for the sake of online play.

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upturned23019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Do what you want to do. WE would rather support Sony and Playstation. Most of us grew up with PS. And everybody knows the CEOs get every bit of money that goes into Sony. I mean, in my lifetime, the CEOs have gotten 1000s from meeee! How else are they going to buy dunebuggies for their kids? You must be lonely, want a cookie? Here's your COOKIE.



SoapShoes3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Highly doubtful, this sounds made up. Oh and it's computerandvideogames.... Well now I know it's just for hits.

If it's true they're just going to be right back in the store getting a PS3 again later this year. Some people just don't care about money I guess.

Boon Tarkas3018d ago

CVG has been around for like 30 years. It's not like they need to be out there trolling for hits.

rob60213018d ago

CVG is in it for Hits, Edge is their source for this story.

dragon823018d ago

Every site is in it for hits. Without hits, they don't make any money. Without money, they go away. It's just how it works. Some sites just use better tactics to get their hits than others. Some are respected while others aren't.

craigfeel3019d ago

@sak_boi are you crazy. Do you really want us to pay 80 dollars to sony for taking us off psn. And not being straight up with us during this downtime. Man you got to be the dumbest person in the world, or you are just trying to be funny.

Old McGroin3018d ago

He's the dumbest person in the world AND he's funny! A winning combination!

Rynx3019d ago

The only one who wins here is retailers. Of course anyone who has actually done this won't even realize it.

Retailers get your money, you get cash or a 360 (at a loss), then when the next COD drops what's going to happen? Those same people(which is probably the only kind of people doing this anyway, COD casuals)will find themselves either having to pay for LIVE to play it (if they opted for a 360) or spend more money than they got, just to afford even a USED PS3.

As sad as this scenario is, it's exactly what's going to happen. SONY isn't hurt over this and even if they happen to be, once that price drops hits they will be right back up to speed. Really, the only ones hurting are COD/FPS players who are twitching right now to get their fix.

Anyone who's even half interested in SONY's upcoming library will stay put. I know I will never do this in a lifetime.

Jazz41083018d ago

If they are smart then they will use the money for the ps3 to pay for live. In the long run its just as cheap or cheaper and ms will have a chance to show them that they are a superior service.

edhe3018d ago

It's like you're a justified consumer or something.

CanadianTurtle3019d ago

I wouldn't say people are stupid. They just want to play online. Who can blame them? These days online-play feel more important to most gamers than single player, unfortunately.

Then again, most of the people who traded in their PS3s for 360s are probably CallofDuty fans.

Anyways, there is a large number of people who are dedicated to the PS3 even after all this. People aren't forgetting games like Uncharted 3, Motorstorm: Apocolyspe, Resistance 3, Infamous 2, Twisted Metal (PS3).

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L3018d ago

What's the logical point of paying to play online? Seriously.

CryofSilence3018d ago

The fickleness of gamers today. This downtime is 100% temporary.

Kahvipannu3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )


You make it sound like it's personal, the truth is, Sony f***ed up, and they will have to deal with consecuenses. They will get a little hit, but people make this "fiasco" bigger than it is.

About spending a lot of money on PSN after it gets up at some point, I personally spend my money on something I see value, not just to "helping out" Sony (you make it sound like they are in dire need of money to survive XD..)^^ heh They will get my money anyway at somepoint, and have already gotten a big sum already.

But if you want to help someone who is in need, since you seem like that kind of fellow, I suggest sending them to aid Japan, or other real victims, not big corporations who don't "need" it.

kyiren3018d ago

I dont know about you guys but with the PSN being down, I have been getting all my single player trophies knocked out. since you can play online for 30 hrs just to get one trophy, these last 3 weeks I have finished getting my plats for 5 games. Imo its been nice to get away from online. plus i have spent more time with my family to so i dont understand the so-called pain you all get from not playing online.

JLeVRT3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

I'd laugh if right after they returned for a 360 and PSN came back online, XBL was hacked

DonnieDarko3018d ago

When psn comes back online, psn will be hacked again, prompty.

kikizoo3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

It's obviously not true, ask your friends, not a single one has traded it...if a better console was on the market perhaps, but now, surely exclusives are onps3, way more than on others platforms, and soon psn will come back, so...

propaganda never stop since 2006, us media are all ms whores (like all the xfans troll here, and in all psn subject...they don't play games, they are playing agaisnt playsatation : but they failed everytime, exclusives, games and consoles sold, 3D, motion controler, bluray, etc , only retarded are against the best hardware/library.

rob60213018d ago

Well after this, the reality that MS has it's own PR people I'm not going to doubt that MS has been up to no good. The reality behind the scenes is quite disturbing and real.

MiloGarret3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

What are you talking about? A majority of my friends who owned a ps3 prior to PSN downtime have traded theirs in. I'm actually one of the few who hasn't.

DeadlyFire3018d ago

Why go for Xbox 360 if I were to trade in a PS3 it would be for Project Cafe.

Although I would never. As Sony makes the most exclusive top tier titles.

Its not all Sony's fault they were attacked. Could happen any day of the week to Xbox or Wii as well. Well if Nintendo had an online network. Which they are trying to setup I believe for next gen.

Either way this attack likely means that Microsoft and Nintendo get a chance to rebuild layers of security for their systems as well.

PSN will be back before June and more tightly secured and that is the main concern for it not being up today. People fear security issue. Sony is fixing it up and sending it out asap.

chriski3333018d ago

Holy crap I agree 100% ppl are just plain stupid the network is just temporary down the console its broke oh these stupid stupid suckers

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joeyisback3019d ago

them same ppl will rebuy ps3s once psn is back up why would u downgrade to a dvd upscale dvd player which the games are upscale to hd