7.5 - Mortal Kombat Review

A lot of of game modes , god. Characters with a cool background behind , god. Let's just say that the recent Mortal Kombat, the ninth chapter of the saga to be precise, not really miss anything. to please the fans of the saga is clear now.
Not being able to reinvent the franchise in the light of more casual gameplay (Armageddon Wii version should not have made ​​sparks), the better satisfy the most avid supporters of the franchise, overwhelmed by options boundary but not stirred by a full and deep combat system .
The Mortal Kombat reviewed here is tremendous fun to play, a real pleasure for those of Mortal Kombat if they have not lost one and could be a pleasant surprise for those who are fond of fighting but said he never liked gore and fanservice series of Midway.

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ElDorado3023d ago Show
lochdoun3023d ago

Great review. Spot on.
I would rate it 7 not 7.5

ElDorado3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Could you tell me why you would give it a 7? I mean it's the greatest Mortal Kombat in years.

3023d ago
MasterD9193022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

I love this game. Well worth at least a try.