World of Evecraft

So here's the thing: Eve Online is a better model for making an MMO than World Of Warcraft. If someone, right now, was looking for a way to create an interesting MMO they should take Eve as their mechanical gameplay model, and not WoW.

Now that doesn't necessarily mean that Eve Online is a better MMO than World Of Warcraft. Eve is messed up and broken in all kinds of outrageous ways, and the PvP-heavy spaceship-centric world design puts most people off the idea completely. What it does mean is that there's the potential for a better MMO to be built using the principles that Eve has pioneered. So forget what you know, or think you know, about Eve Online and imagine instead what World Of Warcraft would be like if it were designed with the same principles as Eve Online.

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Bonsai12144013d ago

i actually liked the premise of EVEonline better than WOW. i've played wow a little (okay, a lot) last christmas when my cousin let me start a character on his account, but the openness in EVE is really appealing to me. it basically drops you in the middle of the universe and you make your way from there. unlike in WOW, where you have to establish a character, go through some of the basic structure before you're free to do as you like.

a few years back, 05 i think, i read this article in the UK PC Gamer about the assassination of the head of the most prominent corporation (guild) in the game. i was seriously shocked by the about of control the player had, and the open ended sandbox gameplay that was offered and demonstrated by that hit.

now, if only it didn't cost money to play...

Lionsguard4013d ago

Yea it's better having to farm 24/7 for a year just to have some ass blow your ship apart, but I yes I know that is how Eve plays but still that hardly screams "better" better for hardcore players yes but this type of game will never be able to go head to head with WoW. Now if Blizz and the creators of Eve want to collaborate to make World of Eve, well then be my guess and where do I sign up? I think I'd much rather have this than a World of Starcraft.

Skerj4013d ago

You do know you can insure your ship right? Only thing you'll really lose is what's fitted to it and maybe some augmentations if you get podded (clone killed for those who don't know). But that can be helped if you have a jump clone that saves your implants.

mirroredderorrim4013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

Eve dosn't make roughly 15 x $9,000,000 per month.

So alot of people that don't even know what that site or N4g is; disagree.

Edit: my math was off. 9,000,000 people at $15 bucks a month.
I stopped playing it myself as Archimonde did my head in.

DethWish4013d ago

Played Eve online since 4 months and it's aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawesome

Played WoW for roughly 2 months and it sucks after a while imo

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4013d ago

Eve is truthfully really good. My brother has been playing it for roughly 2 years now and he still addicted to it.