Is Sony Santa Monica's new IP 'Heartland'?

Sony's new rumoured PS3 exclusive from Santa Monica may very well be the revival of a previously canned PSP title: Heartland.

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ksense3021d ago

hmmm interesting. about 3 weeks to go before we know it all!!!

sinncross3021d ago

if this is true, it will be interesting to see whether they stick to the original story of the USA being invaded by China, which is somewhat similar to the concept in Homefront.

gaffyh3021d ago

I can't even imagine how epic this could be. GOW is one of the best hack n slash games around, so I'd be really interested in what Sony Santa Monica could do with the FPS genre. But, I'm getting kinda bored with the sheer amount of FPSs so it better be very different.


no no no no no just no, we want god of war not another bullshit IP how do we know this is going to be good? it could fail i want to see a game what we will know will do well :D

sinncross3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Well rumours are suggesting that Santa Monica are working on 2 new games, the new IP and GOW4.


well thats orite then :) lol

3021d ago
StanRaimondi3021d ago

im gonna have to disagree (without hitting disagree) i love gow always have always will but i would love to see something new from them.

Tony-Red-Grave3021d ago

how bout you STFU and leave god of war alone the game is done the gods are dead and it was ab epic ednign to an epic adventure.


not really ? have you even played GOW 3 ? at the end after the credits you see kratos body dragged off the cliff? who by ? maybe the person you play as in the next GOW maybe?!

Tony-Red-Grave3021d ago

well ive played gow3 and simply put all the gods are dead athena is dead and kratos could've crawled himself.

he gave hope to humanity and life went on to become what it is now thats gow3s ending its done and they dont have to dig gow out of its grave people like you just want it so bad that they'll over think it and the devs end up making it and it dosnt end up as good as the pervious game.

DOMination3021d ago

I don't want GOW4 and neither do a lot of people. What happens to Kratos at the end of GoW3? Well that's the point of the story.. they let you interpret it the way you want and that's good storytelling.

These devs are quality. Lets see them use their talent for something thats not so.... limiting as a hack n' slash can be.

Biggest3021d ago

If Kratos, a guy turned god turned guy, can fight his way out of Hades, why can't an actual god do the same? I'm all for whatever they decide. There aren't enough quality hack & slash games out there. Santa Monica is good at what they've done so far. More should be good as well.

Tony-Red-Grave3021d ago

i think it should be mentioned that there is no hades hel is just empty nobody ruling it

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coolfool3021d ago

They should definitely drop the QTE's. They are old and a mechanic well passed their sell by date.

supremacy3021d ago

This will be very welcome, the more new ips the better. Each generation Sony has its studio creat new franchises which is good for us gamers and their overall porfolio of games.

Santa monica has to expand beyond god of war.

Sony cant have studios that only rely on a single or two ips, rather acreative cast.

This is good if true.

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The story is too old to be commented.