Want Faster Horses, Buy An SSD (Assassin's Creed Brotherhood)

Geek Revolt writes-- There are many reasons to update your PC to an SSD, a faster boot up time, no moving parts, faster horses… wait, what? Well, that’s what Ubisoft are suggesting for AC: Brotherhood on the PC. An SSD will give you “greater realism, horses now run at full speed”, and you can “play as intended”.

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hades073019d ago

Okay so this makes no sense. My horses in Red Dead Redemption ran fine, but ubisoft have to slow them down because I don't have a solid state drive?

DeeZee3019d ago

Yeah, it's really confusing.

Newtype3019d ago

It affects loading times.

KUV19773019d ago

It is logical in a technical way, but to use their inability in effective data streaming to market solid state discs is kinda weired.

akiraburn3019d ago

Apparently from what I've read/heard, this issue actually was more of a bug than a performance issue. For example, while you are riding, the same controls should be available as running on foot, where you hold a run button, as well as an additional button to sprint. However this isn't the case, as holding the additional button doesn't accelerate you any faster. However, you will notice that in certain specific memories, you will have that option available and it works as intended with your horse running at full speed, but the moment the memory ends, the fastest you can ride is a gallop. I'm not sure why they haven't fixed this issue yet, but it's disappointing to say the least.

Now I'm not entirely positive on the PC version, as I haven't tried that yet and have only played through the console version, however I am also a PC gamer, and proposing that you need an SSD just to run the game the way it's intended is a slap in the face to anyone who's bought the game already. This isn't to say that I think developers shouldn't take advantage of new hardware, because I do think they should, it's just that I know that's not what is happening here.

If I can get solid and great performance off of literally every other game I own on my PC (even the most recent ones), and I didn't need an SSD for that, then there is no good reason I should need one for this one game to just run the way it was intended. If it was some marvel of visuals, physics, audio, and/or other possible areas, I could understand them suggesting this, however it's not even that visually, physically, or audibly impressive of a game. It tells a good story, and it's fun, but it's not the kind of game you see grouped with other titles that you think you should upgrade your rig. Making up for poor coding/design (which even this video displays slow-downs in the SSD version) by telling people to just get better hardware is really sad, and speaks worlds about the company and/or publisher (depends who called the shots, made the deadlines, approves patches and further work, etc).

Among my friends and people I've known who have enjoyed this series, every one of them has enjoyed AC2 vastly more than Brotherhood. Among issues like this, problematic controls, buggy areas, and many other complaints, it's understandable. I really do hope they take their time with Revelations, and don't intend to release it this year, as Brotherhood proved that these games need more than a one year turn-around for them to be polished and functioning well overall. Especially considering the ever-expanding holiday lineup which is already starting to get cramped, this would be better suited for a spring to summer 2012 release I believe.

DeeZee3019d ago

I completely agree, it's actually pretty ridiculous. That's why I posted it, I was somewhat insulted ha-ha :)

dirthurts3019d ago

The game streams the open world. The faster the hard drive, the faster the stream.
The game slows down the horse to allow the game to stream the world ahead of you so you don't outrun it. If your hard drive is fast, the game doesn't have to slow down the horse to buffer the game.

OpiZA3019d ago

Thanks :) How truly bizarre

dirthurts3019d ago

Even with a SSD this game is pretty sluggish, and the graphics aren't that great either.
Even at a solid 60fps I get stuttering. How do they pull that off???

iamgoatman3018d ago

Really? That's a bit sh*t then, was thinking of picking it up eventually on PC as I've played the last 2 on consoles and wanted that 60fps 1080p goodness, but if theres one thing I can't stand is stuttering.

Theres no excuse for it in this day and age.

dirthurts3018d ago

It may not be the case with an Nvidia gpu. I'm not sure. I use ATI/AMD.
Using D3D overrider seemed to help a lot. But it still happens in some areas.
I wouldn't say it's bad enough to avoid the game, but I would let the price sink just a little bit.

hazelamy3018d ago

good job they didn't make gta then isn't, you can only drive at five mile an hour unless you but this new hardware we're partnered in promoting.

are they getting a commission for each intel ssd sold?