PS3 Game Resale Prices Suffering During PSN Downtime - Report

Gamers are understandably upset after three weeks of PlayStation Network downtime, developers are losing out on potential sales, and the resale value of PS3 games is reportedly taking a hit.

According to, which tracks the prices of videogames sold through online shops like Amazon and eBay, the average resale price of 10 select PS3 games has dropped 7.4% since the beginning of the PSN outage on April 20. Those same 10 games (dictated by a list of the most popular games posted by Major Nelson), by contrast, have seen their resale value go up 0.7% during that same span of time. The resale value of Call of Duty: Black Ops, the most popular multiplayer game on Xbox Live, has increased 2% for 360 copies compared with an 8.9% drop for PS3.

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Emilio_Estevez3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Awesome! I'm gonna pick some games up then....Like stocks, buy low.

NobleGamer3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

They are rebuilding it from scratch soo this can be added to make the comeback of PSN good and worth the wait.

- 8 Way Cross Game Chat ( In-Game & XMB )
- Universal Invite System
- Google Chrome Web Browser
- Update PSN Card with more customisation options like Xbox Live
- Update to PSN Store , and Music and video features
- New patching system similar to Xbox Live. Xbox Live patches in seconds. PSN can take hours.
- Faster Syncing process
- Faster loading of icons on XMB, Trophies,and the PSN Store.
- More sophisticated report system similar to Xbox Live
- Ability to play music while in a game, Like Xbox.
- Ability to keep select PSN+ titles.
- Better security and safe guard of personal details..
- XMB Interface is fine and can be updated with tweaks and more fluidity.
- Ability to change PSN ID Name similar to Xbox Live.
- Dedicated gaming shows on the spotlight section, similar to Xbox Live gaming shows.

Any more that is desired and should have been added ages ago? All this would put Xbox Live to shame as PSN is free...But as of now beating Xbox Live is just a pipe dream I guess. Well PSN is free :D Xbox Live owners scammed.

bumnut3019d ago

Xbox live users may be scammed, but at least it works.

wUTTer3019d ago

@NobleGaamer where did you get those facts?

Boon Tarkas3019d ago

Lap it up. What a drone.
How on earth are Xbox users being scammed?
You know Live is like $5 a month right?
It is widely recognized by third-party reviews to be superior service to PSN.
Oh, and one more thing, it works.
My suggestion: Get off Sony's nuts.

sack_boi3019d ago

You shouldn't be selling your SonyPlayStation®3 games anyway.

darx3019d ago

Why? I don't replay most of them. Only a few MP games will I continue to play.

sack_boi3019d ago

You should be replaying them regularly. You're not a true PlayStation®3 fan, you're not worthy of my time.

user8586213019d ago

not everyone may be rich like you, and some people like to trade in games they hardly play so they can play newer releases, its exactly what I used to do when I was younger

darx3019d ago

@Sakboi you just own the PS3? You're not a true gamer!

LordMaim3019d ago

And yet, according to vgchartz the PS3 system is still outselling both of the others by 20k a week despite the PSN outage. I guess the world doesn't live and die on online gaming alone.

plstcsldgr3019d ago

I love these people on youtube and all these sites complaining. i mean its the middle of spring go out and have some fun in the sun. oh i forgot most are allergic to that. but i haven't even looked at my ps3 once since its gone down its to nice outside.

maverick403019d ago

sales data say otherwise...troll harder.

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