6.5 - Brink Review

Bethesda Softworks is a company more or less all we know. Founded in '85 has several titles on the curriculum, some well-made and others less, but this company is best known for titles such as millionaires The Elder Scrolls series and the latest Fallout (from 3 onwards).

Also used to publish more titles in the same year, the 2011 promises a challenging Skyrim between a Rage and Brink. Today we want to talk about it, born from the connection to the famous Bethesda and the group less famous Splash Damage, developer among all of the multiplayer part of Doom 3. How did the work?

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Fallouts3027d ago

so brink bricked, huh... glad i didnt listen to that guy at gamestop, never do anyway wth do they know..

game reminds me of timespliters for some reason though, and i loved that game..

sickbird3027d ago

Technical issues ruined this game.