Interview: Ryan Payton, MGS4 Assistant Producer "Not Worried About Competition"

"I'm not worried about the competition ... we're going to own the majority of 2008..."

Ripten sits down with Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots' Assistant Producer, Ryan Payton and picks his brain about his contributions to the long standing series, accessibility to newcomers, enhancements to gameplay, competition, the movie, and more.

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felman874019d ago

When your game is MGS and it's being release within the first 3 months of the year, I think it's safe to say you're going to PWN the competition

Nostradavis4018d ago

Yea well its still pretty ballzy to come out and say it.

HeartlesskizZ4018d ago

first of all, MGS4 will take mx a 2-3 months to enjoy it and beat it 100%
and if that was not enough I got an Online mode which will last for 7-8 years until next Metal Gear comes out =)

Real gamer 4 life4019d ago

Ofcourse there going pwnd the competition. this is the most hyped game ever{next to halo 3}.

cloud360-7th_account4019d ago

Would yo like to know the name of the most hyped game ever.

It is called "Final Fantasy VII" the saviour of PS

$100 million dollar campaign for the game in Pepsi not gamefuel and even playboy magz had adverts for it

Nostradavis4018d ago

The games controls were amazing, you guys are going to love it.

Bonsai12144019d ago

even though its MGS, the wake of it dropping should only last a half a year at max (conservative estimate). i see this as him secretly saying: we're going to drop a bomb the second half of the year too.

do i sense Zone of the Enders 3? (or is that just my extremely wishful thinking... haha)

Panthers4019d ago

well MGS Online is a seperate title that will probably come out later.

Bonsai12144019d ago

i remember reading that MGO will be packaged with MGS4

xplosneer4019d ago

Pretty sure they are separate games but MGS4 will have a limited version of MGS:O.(Less maps and guns but still online etc) An gigantic online demo if you will.

zantetsuken4019d ago

Metal Gear Online ships with MGS4, Payton mentions this in the interview.

Mikey_Gee4019d ago

To buy a seperate game for online fun is a rip off.

barom4019d ago

It has been known that MGS4 will include a MG Online "starter pack" (or that's what they called it). MGO will be sold seperately. I have no idea how it works. But hey free online starter pack. I'm not gonna complain.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4018d ago

GOD i wish Zone of the Enders 3 would be announced but I doubt it after all the ending of the second one was fairly conclusive. Hopefully they make a new one with different scenarios and characters.

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crazy250004019d ago

hell yeah this will own.....cant wait for this

Ikanago4019d ago

...but I kinda wonder why every other article posted seems to be Ryan Payton on MGS4. It's like every day now. Payton on Dual Shock 3 Rumble...Payton on how many MGS4 developers are currently working on the game...Payton on the competition....etc.

He must be the only person at Kojima Studios that can speak English. I guess I'm just getting tired of hearing him talk.

Mr_Kuwabara4018d ago

You're probably not that much of a fan of MGS but Payton is the one that speaks in every Kojima Productions podcasts. So yeah he speaks about MGS4 and the likes.

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The story is too old to be commented.