Sick To Death: Five Game Design Cliches We Can’t Stand!

Dealspwn points an accusing finger at five game design conventions that infest our favourite medium.

Dealspwn writes: "I’m reliably informed that New York is an incredible city and a great place to be; a bustling metropolis that pulses with life and adventure. Unfortunately it’s also an overused, cliched and uninteresting place to set a videogame. The Big Apple is a sprawling mass of dull grey brick, steel and glass – and is as visually uninspiring as it’s simplistically designed. It’s boring. So why do developers persistently choose it as a location?"

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Scyrus3021d ago

the list makes some sense, but i dont mind QTE's aslong as its not in a bad game for no reason, I think god of war does it right, as does heavy rain especially.

i can agree with the rest of the choices tho

Tired3021d ago

I was about to write the exact same thing!