Worldwide Sales Of Tekken 6 Top 3.5 Million

Tekken producer shares worldwide sales numbers of Namco's popular fighter.

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Quagmire3019d ago

Hopefully the money can now be used to make a better Tekken game. As a die-hard fan, T6 was a dissapontment.

O well, at least they're working on TTT2 and TXSF

kagon013019d ago

Tekken 6 is not as disappointing compared to SCIV(This game was the downgrade of the series...)

caseh3019d ago

Surprisingly I hated SCIV when I first had it, was all about Tekken 5 for me.

Tekken 6 was horrible, i'm shallow...having a fat cop as top tier character put me off it lol.

Went back to SCIV and put some time into it, 7000 fights online later and i'm still playing it. :)

chase1673019d ago

most of these sales were when the game drop to $29.99

InLaLaLand3018d ago

Yeah I got a good deal for this game. I got the Wireless Arcade Bundle for £40 what a bargain.

I thought the game wasn't that bad. At least the costumes were not DLC locked lol.

disturbing_flame3019d ago

NAMCO can thank PS3 users to support their games.

user28971563019d ago

What you meant to say is: Thank god there's people in this world that aren't dumb enough to buy a cookie cutter game with no story mode, and graphics that were outdated the moment they showed it off.

3019d ago
user28971563019d ago

That's not hard to accomplish when your game cost $9.99 (new).

Urrakia343019d ago

I doubt Haze would sell 3.5 million even at $4.99 lol

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The story is too old to be commented.