Seven ways Microsoft can "win" E3

Every year, Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony present their upcoming plans in a lavish press event, and the immediate response among gaming journalists is to declare who won. (FYI, last year it was Nintendo.) In that spirit GamerPops is offering seven key strategies to each of the big three companies to help them “win” E3 2011.

Today, its Microsoft's turn.

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shikamaroooo3019d ago

win what? I always thought E3 was a conference for investors hence the charts and sales numbers

SkyCrawler3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Its all for fanboy drivel really...When this year's E3 is over. I want you to go over to console forums and tell me what you see lol

Istanbull3019d ago

"MS will own E3"

We hear it everytime but all we see is sh!t

sinncross3019d ago

gamers and journalists seem to hate when a company provides charts and sales numbers at these conferences, and im not sure why (especially jorunalists!)

While its true that the company is showing off new games etc to excite gamers, these new titles combined with the charts are meant to reassure investors that the company's brand will remain strong for at least the next year.

B1663r3019d ago

I always thought E3 was a trade show, and they were showing wares for buyers, like GameStop, Walmart, and Toys'r'us. It is just that e3 conferences are where new games tend to get announced officially.

Also it is a chance for the different companies to get face time with one another, where everybody is in attendance.

E3 announcements have always been about the megaton announcements.., Like GTA loss of exclusivity. Kinect official release info. Back when Move was released, etc etc etc

shikamaroooo3019d ago

GTA was never an exclusive?

Wikkid6663019d ago


Yes... E3 is very much a trade show.

So shikamaroooo really doesn't know what he's talking about. E3 has nothing to do with investors... It has everything to do with selling products and services to the media... which in turn sell it to the consumers.

mastiffchild3019d ago

Investors, press and backslapping is all E3 is good for. How can you "win" the biggest press junket in gaming? You can't and every year this question gets asked(and supposedly answered sometimes)when it's complete drivel and an insult to any gamer with half a brain. win E3? FFS. I'm going to effin bed.

Add to that the waste, conspicuous waste of money that E3 represents(and time, natch) that could be better spent doing, IDK, ANYTHING else-maybe even making games? Even the game announcements would be better done in another way as E3 doesn't allow enough time for you to get any idea during the actually shows so unless you're actually there I see little benefit to real gamers. Sod E3, sod the waste it represents and, most of all, sod anyone who thinks you can "win" it.

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GamerPops3019d ago

There are investors there, but E3 as currently constituted is as much about PR and marketing to the gaming audience than anything else. That's why there are so many gaming journalists in attendance.

Nate-Dog3019d ago

I'd love to see MS pull out even just one or two decent new IPs but I don't see it happening. Probably just another Kinect show, something on Gears of War 3 and some other stupid CoD exclusive DLC or beta or something else useless.

DelbertGrady3019d ago

I won last years E3. True story. Got a gold medal and a trip to Hawaii.

ASSASSYN 36o3019d ago

I heard 1st place this year is a platinum award.

green3019d ago

I did not know that E3 was a contest?

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The story is too old to be commented.