E for All 2007: Link's Crossbow Training Impressions

The Wiire's Rob Galbreath has hands on impressions of the upcoming title Link's Crossbow Training. "The Wii Zapper has proven itself as a worthwhile purchase, and I will gladly turn any naysayer around after playing a bundled demonstration with such a remarkably low price."

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lynx1halo4018d ago

The Wii Zapper.....The Wii Bow.......the Wii Steering anyone seriously buying these plastic pieces o garbage so they can look like a 4 yr old playing with blocks in front of their TV's?????????

Wii60PS3DSPSP4018d ago

HUR HUR HUR! You sir are hilarious! I'm guessing your too young to remember the NES zapper with Duck Hunt to make an comment like that. Guess what you don't have to freakin buy them moron, and 20 bucks for the wii zapper and a Zelda game is a good deal. The wheel? Oh yeah because spending a few dollars is really stupid compared to spending a hundred or so just for a ps3 or 360 wheel. There is no Wii bow so just stfu and stop making stuff up troll.

lynx1halo4018d ago

hey do you guys want to try out the latest next gen game? best graphics to date? and overall best game experience on the PS3? thank you......Im happy waiving my arms like an idiot on the Gamecube2....LOL

ShadoWulf4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

You, my friend, sound like a genuine loser.

Now let's recap: the Wii blaster places your nunchuck and remote in a gun formation, making FPS, 3PS and rail shooters feel more natural. It's selling for $20 plus a game. The new RE and MoH use it. It makes parents angry. It makes real hardcore gamers reminisce to the era of duckhunt and the original Zapper. It provides yet another way to use your Wii controller. It probably feels really cool. Now, what were you saying?

Oh, yes, you were saying, "LOL". Well, I'm sorry, but the use of that 'word', in all caps, twice, has caused me to see you as a very immature person. I don't think your opinion matters much.

Oh, and fyi- 4 year olds don't point real physical guns at zombies and blow their heads off. 4 year olds, from what I've seen on this site, play their PS3s.

Good day.

ChickeyCantor4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )


do us all a favor and keep your sh/t to yourself, saying the same crap people who think as narrowminded as you.

And why are you pretending Wii owners only have a Nintendo Wii?
STFU just keep your bullsh/t to yourself.

And keep believing " waving your arm" would make you look like an idiot, because that would only come from a biased moron who never touched the N-wii. If Sony did it, you would be stroking your c0ck right now.
Gaming isnt about who owns what its about the Fun factor.

We have enough @ssholes like you on this website and DO this whole community a favor and STFU you are nothing but the same load of Sh/t that comes in the Wii topics and troll the hell out of it.

G O H A N G Y O U R S E L F.