Ubisoft targets 90-plus reviews for Assassin's Creed Revelations

Despite being the third Assassin's Creed game in three years, Ubisoft says it's targeting 90-plus review scores for 2011's Revelations.

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math3020d ago

I doubt this game will have a hard time getting there. People love AC games. Especially if they give us some answers about the storyline, it could score higher than ever before.

MostJadedGamer3020d ago

Actually 2 of the 3 version of Brotherhood averaged less then a 90.

360- 89

TreMillz3020d ago

AC feels almost like a natural Sony brand game, that and the exclusives it gets with it.

guigsy3020d ago

That's only because some platform exclusive publications (PC Gamer, Xbox World etc.) might have though less of the game than others, because it's the exact same game across the three platforms.

4lc4pon33020d ago

I can tell you now the AC series is my most played series ever & thats no joke. I have been addicted to the series since release & I want more.

I cannot wait for Revelations to be released.

Blaze9293020d ago

Pfft, good luck Ubigreedy. If they keep releasing yearly iterations like this with branch of stories no one cares about, including a main character more than 3 times who people are tired of (Ezio is 50 in this game, wtf?), and if they DARE make another cliff hanger ending - I doubt they'll keeping getting generous reviews.

Eamon3020d ago

ahh stfu. Firstly Ezio's only been in 2 games so far.

Secondly, this game features all three characters as main characters. Altair and Desmond will also have big roles in the story and gameplay.

Thirdly, one reason why people felt a bit bored was because the setting was still in Italy. This time it's in Turkey/Ottoman Empire specifically in Istanbul/Constantinople.

Just because you're not interested in the story, it doesn't mean others aren't. And what's wrong with Ezio being 50 years old? Humans do age you know.

As for cliffhanger ending. There will most likely be another. They aren't going to conclude the story with this game. There will definitely be an Assassin's Creed III. And the numbered iterations are numbered because of the new character.

Yes, this can be looked at as "milking" since it's coming out yearly however the milk tastes good. And I don't mind if a top quality game comes out every year.

ProA0073020d ago

lol, Eamon must still buy Assassins Creed games every year. I'm so sorry...

AntoineDcoolette3020d ago

I buy AC games each year and I am without shame :-)

I just wait for the $30-40 price range because Ubi' games usually get there with a sale or some such after a few months :-)

As much as I'm astounded that Ubi' is pimping out a third AC game in three years so long as it maintains a level of quality consistent with AC:B I'm game. I absolutely love the platforming, historical atmosphere, historical fiction, and illuminati / New World Order references that the game offers.

Uncharted3Goty3020d ago

it will for sure get 90 plus reviews assassin creed has been getting better and better everytime they release it


nah i highly doubt that LOL

MidnytRain3020d ago

It seems kind of a weird thing to say. Shouldn't EVERY developer target 90-plus ratings? If they're not, it shows they're either lazy or know that their game will suck.

stealth500k3020d ago


anything in the 70's,80's,90's is good and worth playing

MidnytRain3020d ago

You misunderstood me. I was saying that every developer should ATTEMPT to make a game that will get 90-plus ratings. In other words, they should try to make the best game they possibly can by keeping "high-quality" in mind.

rjdofu3020d ago

Lolz WTF? He's talking about rating, not about gaming eras.

MidnytRain3020d ago


He thought I meant that games that score below 90 (70s - 80s) aren't worth playing, but I meant that developers should *aim* for those 90+ scores in the first place.

rjdofu3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

@Disagree: It's a joke but whatever...
@MidnytRain: exactly...
@stealth500k: but i don't see any reason why a developer should aim for a goal lower than 90.

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MostJadedGamer3020d ago

Actually EA targets a 80+ rating on Metacritic. That is there stated goal is to have as many 80+ games as possible.

So no most games should not target a 90+ rating because it is unrealistic.

stealth500k3020d ago

yeah thats what I thought he meant.

BeaArthur3020d ago

Your target should be making the best game you can, not trying to please reviewers. If you make a great game the scores will reflect that.

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The story is too old to be commented.