The Best Nordic Game is Danish

LIMBO game of the year at Nordic Game Awards in Sweden

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PoulCast3023d ago

I'm danish and couldn't care less. Minecraft should have won it and I almost never play Minecraft.

Fuzia3024d ago

NGA thinks it is. That isn't an oppinion, that's fact.

Unrelated: Proud to be danish.

MaxOpower3024d ago

So I'm Danish.... Didn't even know this existed.

InfectedDK3024d ago

Why is this article in every channel?
I wish this game was available for PS3.
There is so few great Danish games and this one is not on the monster console.. However Hitman may be a great game :)


if hitman turns out to be anything like kane & lynch i will travel to denmark and strangle every single one of them... i love the hitman games

fredrikpedersen3024d ago

LIMBO is a good game, but best Nordic game imo is Battlefield 2.

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