Sony 'unconcerned' by low Xperia Play PSone game sales

Sony has said it's unconcerned by low initial sales of PSone games on Xperia Play.

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Quagmire3019d ago

I was keen to buy one until reviews came out saying it was meh. I'd rather save me money for NGP

Uncharted3Goty3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

it did get a mixed review but you should wait intil

you see more things with the sony Xperia before you make up your mind it might be good its not only can it play games but its a phone to and who knows there might be more things with these phone.

3019d ago
longcat3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

its gonna take quite some time for sony to carve out a space for itself in this crowded cellphone market.

their real concern is the success of PS suite when it becomes available on multiple platforms

Christopher3019d ago

I believe they're unconcerned because the major selling point is going to be Playstation Suite, which hasn't been released yet. Their PSOne game releases on the phone were just a placeholder.


get PS2 games on it then you wont be concerned

-MoOkS-3019d ago

Why did they even make a "playstation" phone then? they dont care, it was obviously just a tacked on gimmick then?

Reviewers haven't been too kind on it. Id rather it have a PS store than android market


aslong as they get the money they dont care

sack_boi3019d ago

They did the same for Move, so I'm not surprised. They seem to be doing things just for the sake of doing them nowadays


ino its abit odd why they dont speak of it anymore and there is hardly no games.

Sevir043019d ago

Considering the move is a success for them! their approach to marketing is different! if they were doing things tto do it then move would have just about 1 game to support it! Most all their big first party games are supporting Move so i cant agree with your sentiments! in case. the xperia Play is pretty sluggish on the hardware side and battery life in horrible. I'll go with the NGP

joeorc3019d ago

"Why did they even make a "playstation" phone then? they dont care, it was obviously just a tacked on gimmick then?

Reviewers haven't been too kind on it. Id rather it have a PS store than android market "

if you are asking those Questions than you are really missing the point of this new platform.

many it seems are not paying attention, which is sad because you an other's will soon find out exactly why Sony made the "Playstation Suite" an it is not about the Phone really, it's about all about the Software. Take note EVERY android 2.3+ Android device that passes playstation Suite certified standard can play these game's. an currently there is just one soon to be 4, an soon to be 10 more, all Android OS powered devices, than TV's on top of that.

Its a contest for the living room an Mobile space an Sony is just one player in the contest. but even so other Electronic Consumer electronic manuf. are also going to be playing also. Its no longer just about Nintendo, Sony an Microsoft that includes the PC in the game development space. Now Other consumer Electronic companies are getting onboard, an Android OS is one of the most used Mobile OS platforms not just for SMARTPHONES, But also other Consumer Electronic companies.

an they all are putting out games for their electronics. Sony just wants to sell games to those consumer's also..

playstation Suite is Sony's blue ocean strategy!

An the Android OS is a good start.

Tony-Red-Grave3019d ago

maybe because its not form playstation phone?

just seeing your bubble and logo i can guess your a very smart troll.

and playstation suite is basically smaller games, not ps3, for phones or a smaller playstation store for all formats plus the android market.

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tigertron3019d ago

I think the price of the phone has something to do with it. Its like £480, thats way more than what a PS3 was at launch. Well, unless you buy it on contract that is.

SoapShoes3019d ago

All phones are that expensive without a contract, have you been phone shopping lately? I mean you can get crappy cheap phones but if you want a good android or iphone you're going to pay a good half of a grand.

clintos593019d ago

I dont care about your stinkin phone, get psn online already.

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