Modern Warfare 3 To Be Officially Announced On 23 May?

NowGamer: Modern Warfare 3 is currently the rumour mill's favourite topic, but an official unveiling could be coming soon - Activision has set a date for its pre-E3 UK press event - Monday 23 May...

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Convas3024d ago

Errgg, just announce the damn game already so we can stop with the "WHEN'S MW3 GOING TO GET REVEAL?!!1/11/?!?" stories.

Thank God E3's just around the corner, if it was April 12th, we'd have to be subjected to so much more crappy conjecture and speculation.

Killzone3___3024d ago

Mw3 Announce coming soon , that's what i hear for more then 3 months ! stop predicting an announcement...