Metal Gear Solid 4 - E 4 All - Game Demo

Gametrailers placed some clips of the demo they are showing of Metal Gear Solid 4 from the E 4 All convention.

For High-Definition Video, Click the links. Standard Definition videos can be viewed embedded below.

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:

Video 4:

DrPirate5886d ago (Edited 5886d ago )

Do. Want. Now.

Just a couple of WTF's though... First of all. Is that FPS lag? Or just the video.

Ahem...Loading screen?

...Holy crap! Codec comes on during gameplay. No more annoying gameplay interuptions.

Edit @ Hatchetforce: Now that you tell me this, I'm going and download them and play them on my PS3. It'll be the closest thing to playing it this year :P! Thanks man!

5886d ago
HeartlesskizZ5886d ago

That is the GT video video problems. I downloaded in HD and is smooth and nice.

Taker_1295886d ago

I agree with you man, Game of the year for sure.

Evil0Angel5886d ago (Edited 5886d ago )

paid all that money in PS3 and the best thing i will get is this !!!!!

what is with the A.I.
are yu all blind or what??
the most relastic graphic ever BUT very childesh gameplay.

most PS3 games are unmatched in graphic level but when it comes to game play it sucksss mainly becuase of the A.1
and remmember when 2 diffrent teams in ubisoft stated that PS3 cannot handle A.I as well as PS3 (assissian creed, sc:convection)
GT5P the demo look soooooooo amzzzzzzzzing but game play:how can you call that simulation???? and this comin from some one who played both FORZA2 and GT5P.

deadshark15884d ago

omg u guys think tht video tells u somin theres a video in the uk psstore 10mins long awsome video u guys will beg for it next year but that video sucks

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socomnick5886d ago

in the second video is he butt raping the guy lol why all the little gayness in Kojimas games.

DrPirate5886d ago (Edited 5886d ago )

Mature humour for mature adults. I can understand someone who is insecure being a little wierded out by this.

Then again. Just look at American Wrestling. Big fat sweaty men in underwear touching each other.....Guess it goes the same for Sumo wrestlers though....It doesn't have to be "Gay".

Edit @ Socomnick: Socomnick, I have no idea. I know what you're talking about though, I don't know why he puts in "penis" humour though. Like I said, maybe it's just mature jokes for people who can handle them, but I truthfully have no clue.

socomnick5886d ago

American Wrestling is watched by a extreme minority and they are viewed as outcast. But I simply wana know why does Kojima include this in all of his mgs games I remember in snake eater the raiden looking character kept getting his crotch grabed by the main villain.

Violater5886d ago

extreme minority??
dude how old are u?

cr33ping_death5886d ago

wow someone sees his hom@erotic fantasies in MGS4 nothing against gay people socom but keep your personal life to yourself....please

RudeSole Devil5886d ago

Because Japanese people don't like violence, instead they like petting dogs and finger there DS. Just look at the Japanese most successful selling games, instead of gore it's nudity and porn.

socomnick5886d ago

im 20 years old me and my friends make fun of one of my cousins because he watches wrestling im sure more people watch wrestling they just dont let people know for fear of ridicule.

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ShiftyLookingCow5886d ago

I am going to refrain from watching this stuff, just a few more months left.

jackdoe5886d ago

You don't need to. No spoiler material in the videos.

ShiftyLookingCow5886d ago

bubbles and thanks for the info, time to download the HD versions and watch them

Chris_GTR15886d ago

when this game is launched i will finaly buy a ps3. by that time home should also be launched :)

Rybnik5886d ago

Your impressed too huh? That says something, considering many PS3 related comments you have made in the past. Watching this makes me truly wish I had gone to E4all. The way things were going, it sounded like it would be a Nintendo only event. Oh well.

Anyway, somehow--and I didn't think this was possible , but this demo is even better than the original Kojima gameplay demo. Everything just looks plain insane!!!There is no better way to describe what I just saw.

I am really happy that Konami made the decision to bring this demo to the US and dare I say, I think this just may MASSIVELY change the current American sentiment towards PS3, WOW. I think it might convince some current 360 only owners to think long and hard about getting a PS3 as well. Bring on 2008!!!!