Stronghold Crusaders ¦ One More Castle (Retro Gamer Club)

"'Greetings Sire, the desert awaits you.'

With the long, long overdue Stronghold 3 well on the way to completion I decided to take a look at my favourite strategy game, Stronghold, or, at least I would have done if I could find it. Instead, I purchased Stronghold Crusaders for a measly fee and set about working through the exotic cousin of the original. Originally released in 2002, Crusaders is a fine addition to the series, but is several tweaks short of being the certified classic the original was."

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iWishTifaWasReal3027d ago


lol i didnt know that Stronghold 3 is coming out :/

Wuu3027d ago

One of the best strategy games out now.

JTrotter903027d ago

Yeah, and it looks great; no word of when its out just yet though. I've embedded a link on the main article to the OS if you're interested.