Vaizey on PSN hack: "It's a huge issue

Ed Vaizey, minister for culture, communications and creative industries, has declared the PlayStation Network hack that has rocked Sony a "huge issue", and called on the console manufacturer and other companies to prioritise data protection.

Independent watchdog the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) is in contact with Sony to determine whether it was in breach of the Data Protection Act. If Sony is found to have acted improperly, it could be fined up to half a million pounds.

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MoreRPG3027d ago

ii agree data protection should be the number one priority

Biggest3027d ago

It should be for EVERY company. How many times will Facebook have their users profiles stolen and posted on fake dating websites before companies realize that data protection isn't a one-time program? Constant updates and tests are needed.

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VonBraunschweigg3027d ago

Ofcourse dataprotection is important, but VonBraunschweigg, consumer of shooters, racers and creative gameplay declares he just wants PSN back asap and that people should stop bitching about possible costs and whatever. Especially Capcom, if your business model is so depending on the network of another company but you haven't anticipated downtime, you're just plain stupid.

mastiffchild3027d ago

Also for the Conservative Govt to say ANYTHING about gaming related issues is very rich considering they took away all the funding the previous lot had in place to try and support the industry in the UK(where we regularly punch well above our weight for a sodding change).France and Canada,(France for Gods sake!)have, among many others, announced tax breaks and incentives for developers and the like, we had so,mething simalr in place, they scrapped it yet NBOW he wants to batter sony while ignoring the hackers?

all he smells, is a possible incoming fine. It's all they care about-effing pocket money. Sod you, you Tory shitbag. When the last dev left in the UK shuts down because they can all get better jobs overseas and the country no longer makes a penny from the industry(and we are the third largest single nation market in the World)how big will your half a million look(even if Sony get found guilty-which they won't)-Christ, how stupid will YOU look for a second "brain drain" and a UK Govt once again missing the point of a new industry?

Sick of our country and it's insistence on government "experts" talking about things they either have no interest or no knowledge in. We HAD decided to support the one industry where we were doing better than we could expect but this man helped pull the rug out from under gaming in the UK as a money making concern. Why should we pay any attention to him at all? They won't be happy until countries as wealthy and powerful as Uganda(no offense chaps)have more say over games than we do.

Why don't we see the UK bods criticising their US counterparts whenever the Pentagon gets hacked? No, we just help them extradite the mentally deranged guy who did it.Why can't we help Sony catch the guys who hacked them? More double standards.

beavis4play3027d ago

exactly. and, your last paragraph was PERFECTLY written. bubbles!

stuntman_mike3027d ago

the government in the UK are a bunch of f**king hypocrites and ponce's. how oblivious they are to modern technologies is amazing im sure they still need to put Cole in their mobile phones to keep them running.
gaming is one of the biggest industries on the planet and our devs in the UK are top notch, not to support them is imbecilic as the funds it would generate for us would pay of the bankers effing mess (and probably line the MPs pockets too.).

AliC3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

If this idiot is worried about the Data Protection Act, we all better close our Facebook accounts now.

mastiffchild3027d ago

Indeed. Thing is, he's a twat.

Tyre3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

The thing is that he should sue Facebook instead of Sony...Sony was breached (in there WAS some protection) the dataloss wasn't deliberate, but Facebook DELIBERATELY leakes the most private information to dubious companies via 100.000 apps including peoples e-mail account passwords. Double standards people...

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