Is this what Kojima's next project will be?

It shows an image of one of the METAL Gear Solid developer's Yoji Shinkawa with a figure of an Grey Fox figure but he is doing ruff sketches of the figure so does this mean the next game could involve grey fox ?

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sinncross3028d ago

Definitely looks like Grey Fox. I think A Fox title would be great but not sure where it would fit into the MGS history. I thought a Fox title with him in the jungle, like MGS3 could have been cool, but with MGS:R coming out, I am not too sure where a Fox title, in his cyborg ninja form, will exist.

But Fox is awesome.


i reckon it would be awesome but it could be very much like MGS rising with the swords etc.. but could be interesting still..

blackbeld3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

No, It's Grey Fox for sure. The hell with Rising.

Can't wait for E3 announcement.

Hope there will be MGS5.... that would be awesome!

Shadow Flare3028d ago

I'm still hoping for a remake of the 2 metal gear games before MGS1. Those games involved Frank Jaeger (Grey Fox) I believe so here's hoping. I realise he wasn't a cyborg ninja in those games but anything involving grey fox would be cool

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3028d ago

I will say this.

If Kojima is making a Fox game.... to hell with rising.

xTruthx3028d ago

If he made MGS 4 look at good after the PS3 released, I cant wait how this game will look

Crazyglues3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

Actually here is a better shot of it...

Would be awesome if you could get one of these when the game comes out, like the Neca Crysis 2 action figure.. that one was awesome..


Big-Boss3027d ago

MGS5 or gtfo agggghahagagahagaha

DeadlyFire3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

I say MGS 5. Play as Solid Snake and see the story of MG 1 and MG 2 with Gray Fox before Ninja Cyborg and then timelapse to birth of Gray Fox and expand on that towards MGS 1.

Well with Rising coming in 2012. Its likely this game is coming in 2013? Time = better quality though if you ask me.

This single image doesn't mean that this is a new game away from Rising though. Its possible a small episode or story at first part of Rising to speak on the technology behind the Cyborg suit and its rise from Gray Foxes days.

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Nate-Dog3028d ago

Chances are this'll be the base of the "Rising 2" Matsuyama and co. were speaking of a while ago. S'pose that's why they're spending so long on the game engine.


Dont u mean Rising? not Rising 2? i didnt know they are working on a second one lol

Nate-Dog3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

Yeah I don't have a link on myself right now but Konami / Matsuyama were talking about making Rising a series in it's own and were already talking about making a second Rising. I'll try fish out the link.

Found something on it, not the original article I was looking for from Andriasang but it says it:

GraySnake3028d ago

I personally would like to see MGS1 remade with the MGS4 engine.

Big-Boss3027d ago


NiKK_4193027d ago

How about MG series plus MGS series all together in an HD bundle, would be the best bundle HD collection evar. I haven't played every title so it would be good for me

Tdmd3027d ago

It would be epic!!

Quagmire3028d ago

MGS HD Collection Purrrrreeeeezzuuuu

Shadow Flare3028d ago

I'm sure that's already being made

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