Alien game graphics 'out of this world,' says Vaizey

Hot on the heels of SEGA's confirmation of the new Aliens game in development at The Creative Assembly, British Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries, Ed Vaizey has given his opinion on the game.

According to Vaizey the graphics of the Alien game are "out of this world".

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RedDead3025d ago

Still waiting for Colonial Marines...hope this game doesn't Avp2010 and most of them/ God if anyone wants a good Alien and/or Predator game, play Avp 1 and 2 from about 10 years ago, they're in my top 15

Kurt Russell3025d ago

Yeah I want Colonial Marines. It amazes me how films and games can fuck up what should be the perfect franchise combo - time and time again.

Quagmire3025d ago

I mean, why the HELL hasnt Terminator been made into a good FPS?

Seriously, doesnt take a genious to see you have an epic sci fi story, massive guns, mechas, spaceships, and big muther trucking robots with guns and lasers and stuff!

AntoineDcoolette3025d ago

I'm shocked that creative assembly is making this. Have they even made a game other than the RTS classic Total War series?

MasterCornholio3025d ago

I agree with you the first 2 were the bomb the rest trash

M4I0N33025d ago

yeah definitely man, i loved the multiplayer for the first 2, so intense :).

MasterCornholio3025d ago

Though i was a real cheap arse as predator though LOL


i hope this does not fail aswell! i love the alien series i have got all the DVDS and blurays ! :D

Calm Down Sunshine3025d ago

The Creative Assembly are doing this?


BABY-JEDI3025d ago

I want to see snap a roonies in colour please. Now thanks. What, there's none
: (

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The story is too old to be commented.