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BullCrap3026d ago

Google translate sux, I think there saying going to be ofline for sometime still?

GrieverSoul3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )


The rumor 31st of May seems more plausible now... :(
Im was wishing for online matchmaking sooner.

SolidStoner3026d ago

it seems they are working on PSN from zero/scratch, I just dont have any other explanation, for this long period of time.. maybe they are using this PSN downtime stuff for some other preparation as well, maybe for PS4, maybe for some cool software, maybe they just cant create secure network.... who knows.

claterz3026d ago

It better not be 31st!
I thought that was about PS Store anyway. The update released on Tuesday said "at least a few more days", so I'm expecting it will be up by the end of the weekend (at most).

BabyTownFrolics3025d ago

could you imagine if PSN was still down by the time of sonys conference at e3 (june 6th)

beavis4play3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

BabyTownFrolics - it would be something they could NEVER explain. and i'm not talking about the internet haters.....there is nothing that could be said to that group. i'm talking about the mainstream public - the "mass market". trying to tell these people the benefits of their platform while ALSO trying to explain to them why their network has been down for a month would be disasterous for sony. that conversation would take away time that they would have been able to use to talk about games like UC3 and resistance3.

they need psn up no later than a week before the show.

killcycle3025d ago

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience and inconvenience.

Pixel_Enemy3025d ago

I just can't wait for L.A.Noire to kill my offline time till PSN returns

Solidus187-SCMilk3025d ago

it seems like they are going to bring it back up by regions and probably going to start with Japan first.

gta28003025d ago

This is totally unacceptable. I consider my self a Sony fan boy and I have been very patient but I'm considering just getting rid of this PS3 now.

Raptura3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

What if they are leaving PSN down until the day of the E3 conference? Perhaps to reveal something new with the service?! That'd be nice, worth the wait.

Legion3025d ago


You think it would be nice for Sony to keep the network down just so they can get a media hit for an announcement at E3???!!! Wow, not sure where your priorities are?

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NobleGamer3025d ago ShowReplies(2)
guitarded773025d ago

Why don't you develop a better translation app since Google's is crap. I'm sure you have the skills.

The PSN being down for 3 weeks + sucks, but users should note that Sony is trying to get 6 months worth of work done in less than a month.

GodofSackboy3025d ago

Give him billions of pounds, a team of hundreds of multi-language speaking experts, the backing of one of the biggest companies in the world and a few years and im sure he'll do OK

RankFTW3025d ago

You used your one bubble for a noble cause, have +bubs from me.


i love the fact that sony is making a new PSN for us... its going to be a looooooooooooooooooooooooong wait. anyone bring lunch??

mrv3213025d ago

Can't wait for babble fish.

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Gauder3026d ago

I posted this elsewhere on N4G, but it could be worth mentioning again here:

"After talking to Sony Scandinavia, and having a serious talk about how ridiculous this has gotten, he told me that the Support department has been asked to work extra this weekend, usually a sign that something [big] is happening.

Now, hopefully he isn't joking! "

Pacman3213026d ago

Does something big imply a good or a bad thing?

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-MoOkS-3025d ago

Why would they need extra staff?

To answer questions about the new login process maybe?

Gauder3025d ago

That's what I'm hoping...

FredEffinChopin3025d ago

(If your comment is serious)

My guess would be that it's just to make sure they have people handy to jump on anything that might go wrong or need last minute adjusting. Just to ensure that the switches gets flipped without a hitch.

Where does that quote come from?

Gauder3025d ago

To answer Fred too:

I called Sony Scandinavia, the quote is from me. I quoted it since I had originally posted that same message in another post here in N4G. So I'm afraid you're just gonna have to take my word for it.

It started when I called them up to ask if PS+ members get the promised free month of PS+ in addition to the downtime. If a non-paying customer get's a free month while I in effect only get a free week, then quite a few people are gonna get pissed...

The guy I talked to was helpful, and has followed up with e-mails telling me the status of my question.

I called them up again today, basically because me like many others have gotten a bit fed up. I told him that I knew he couldn't do anything, but to pass the message along to his bosses that things were coming to a breaking point unless Sony starts giving more direct answers to "when". Even told him that if me as a Sony fanboy (yes, I said it..) was starting to consider getting an X-box, then Sony was running out of time.

What I got was a nice insight into things. He told me that Sony Scandinavia was under SCEE, which in turn had to rely on information from SCEA about what to tell customers about the situation. London was as much in the dark as Sony Scandinavia was, and had even been unable to get a clear answer from SCEA about what was really going on.

Further he said that he was glad to be working for Sony Scandinavia, since the stories he had heard from London and SCEA support personell were grim. Apparantly, we are more behaved, but he too had noticed that people here too were getting more and more angry.

But, he added, SCEE had asked support staff to work extra this weekend. No reason for why was given, just that they had to work extra. And that usually meant something is happening he said.

Yes, he could be telling me that just so I would hang up, I know that - and this is where you just have to take my word for it, it didn't sound like he was.

So that's all, the whole story. Hope you found it even remotely interesting :)

scotchmouth3025d ago


Thank you for taking the time to write that out. Its nice to hear some real feedback even if it isn't something super definitive. I feel you provided a better answer from what you know than what Sony has.

Just my opinion but wanted to say thanks! I am getting anxious! hopefully we will all be rockin and rollin by the weekend! :)

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my bet is that they need more people answering phones about WHY THE PSN IS STILL DOWN... but thats MY guess

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Senden3026d ago

Why even bother with that update? They are just repeating themselves now while further trying to save face from their security embarrassment. I doubt anyone needs to be reminded how seriously Sony is taking security now just look how freaking long it's taking them to get PSN back on.. that's a good indication of how thorough and committed Sony are being.

FredEffinChopin3025d ago

They say things, people bitch about empty updates. They don't say anything, people complain that they're being left in the dark. How about this, instead of giving the giant company of qualified professionals advice, take some yourself:

Stop reading the updates if you're tired of it. Sorry, hope I didn't blow your mind, I sohuld've warned you that you were gonna get hit with something as crazy as logic.

Truth is, they are saying things. They've given some details on security updates, and are hinting that they are hoping to have the network up in days.

I don't know why I bother. There is obviously no such thing as Sony pleasing you. I hope you find your existence as a dedicated troll to be fulfilling.

jimmywolf3025d ago

you sure you don't work for Sony PR department? cause with that much support your lips are giving their A$$ they should higher you to tell everyone "please wait few more days sorry for the wait"

THC CELL3026d ago

core online will be on before the 31st Sony team has confirmed that

Wobbuffet3026d ago

The 'sony team' also confirmed that psn would resume within a week, that didn't quite work out though did it.

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L3025d ago

They never confirmed. They said they *hope* to get it going within a week. The problem with you people is that you don't read or comprehend anything and you jump to conclusions.

cyclonus0073025d ago

They said that before they found out that SOE was breached.

Legion3025d ago

Sorry THC Cell... but Sony has denied setting any official timeline for it to be back up and have reiterated that PSN will be up when it is up.

You putting a date on it does not help any if that date is not met. You are hurting the situation by perpetuating false rumors.

Shazz3026d ago

if its going to be down for 1 month or longer then im hoping we actually get a faster or improved xmb or something