Shift 2 Dev: 'I wouldn't hire anyone with less than 20,000 gamerscore'

If you've always dreamed of working at Shift 2: Unleashed studio Slightly Mad Studios, proving that you have a passion for games is crucial, with Design Lead Andy Tudor revealing that he "wouldn't hire anyone with less than 20,000 gamerscore".

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Call_me_Ishmael3019d ago

they are really looking at gamerscores to
hire people to work for them

RedDead3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

That's all you need these days >_<

Honestly that's quite sad. Below, I don't even know why people care about either of them, I used to try and then I realized ...what was the point? I don't pursue them anyway. Be good if a reward system was brought in. Xbox 720 and Ps4 rewards please/ Then fu** me I would do them all.

TOO PAWNED3019d ago

lol no one gives a damn about trophies other then us PS fans.

bumnut3019d ago

It would be great if you got all the acheivments for a game you got a free movie rental or arcade game.

MmaFan-Qc3019d ago

"I wouldn't hire anyone with less than 20,000 gamerscore"

i guess thats why Shift 2 sucked, when a light and small lotus behave like a heavy and giant impalla know they obviously doesnt know their shit.

AngryTypingGuy3019d ago

20,000? Sweet! I make the cut with almost 3,000 points to spare! Now I have to work on my trophies.

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Legion3019d ago

Obviously not the ONLY criteria... but no different then the director reference. I am not going to hire a director to direct my movie if they don't watch movies.

Experience in your job means a lot. Some people can bring different things to the table in a job... but you definetly want to find the people that are involved in the actual mechanics of the job itself.

A few things I would reference in similar points:

Don't hire an Athiest as a preacher.

Don't hire a peta activist to work at a slaughter house.

Don't have a vegetarian to cook at your next barbeque.

Don't have a monk give you marital advice.

They could all possibly do the task but they wouldn't be the best choice because they would all lack that something that is needed.

Chewy1023019d ago

Asking people outside of the norm is a great idea most of the time. It gives you a different point of view that you would have most likely have never seen.

Legion3019d ago


Never too late for a comment.

I think the primary thought was you don't go to these areas for expertise in a field. Asking anyone on the street for help will get you plenty of outside the norm advice too... but I wouldn't recommend it as a pratice.

But to hire someone outside of the norm that doesn't have the experience you need to develope is throwing money away.

Solidus187-SCMilk3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

My gamer score is almost a 20,000, not quite yet I dont think.

I wonder if they would be willing to add my trophies(level 6) with my GS(18,000?). Then im totally over 20K. Ohh and I got some steam achievements too. Add them up I got way more then 20K.


edit-- but I have requirements too. I only want to work for devs that make games that I want to play, unfortunately slightly mad studios is not one of the many.

DigitalAnalog3019d ago

There goes the PS3 owner developers....

-End statement

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shikamaroooo3019d ago

They need to hire people that actually know cars so many errors like Honda 2000 listed as a v4 when its a v6 or how they named the gtr specV when its Vspec

bumnut3019d ago

A Honda S2000 is not a v6

green3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

lol, Honda S2000 is not a V6 or V4 but a naturally aspirated inline 4.

And this is the same person that will be telling me how arcady Forza is when they no absolutely nothing about cars.

shikamaroooo3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

forza is over exaggerated period how can you put a k20 into a eg and keep the standard transmission same applies for RB26's going into silvas

green3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Have you played Forza at all? First of all, the K20 engine i will assume is the K20 from the Honda K-series. If thats it, then there is no reason why a standard transmission can not fit because it is just a 2000cc engine that outputs between 215bhp and 270bhp in standard tune.

As for the RB26, yes it does fit into Silvias and there are dozens of youtube videos to prove it. As for the gearbox, if you have full sim mode active, the standard gearbox will break after a couple of laps.

Maybe that,s how you play the game,Tune cars to the max, retain casual difficulty settings and then b*tch when there are no consequences.

shikamaroooo3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

its impossible fitting a k20a into a d series transmission also they let you put b18c into stock eg's

Scotracer3019d ago

When you change the engine, you also take the gearbox with that engine. Upgrading the gearbox just changes the performance of it (i.e. fitting straight-cut gears or fitting a sequential 'box).

Oh and you have no right to criticise when you think an S2000 is a V6.

green3019d ago

@ Scotracer: You are 100% correct.

When you swap engines, you also get the gearbox associated with that engine by default. Only upgrading engines will you be able to retain your standard gearbox and if you don't beef up the gearbox, they will get damaged with time.

shikamaroooo just continues to prove that he is just an ignorant fanboy.

shikamaroooo3019d ago

yeah but in forza 3 when u change to a k20 it keeps the eg transmission (5speed) where as a k20 is 6

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Capdastaro3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

It doesnt have a v6 it has a N/A I4...

... Beaten to it

shikamaroooo3019d ago

my bad iv always thought the F20c was a V6 someone mentioned it to me but after looking it up it is a V4

Scotracer3019d ago

IT'S NOT A V4. It's an inline 4.

eferreira3019d ago

I have a s2000. fastest 4 cylinder out

Scotracer3019d ago

A Ford Focus RS is faster.

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Kran3019d ago

I would never do this.

Since when should chivo's conflict on real life?

TomInc3019d ago

Bit of an odd approach..

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