Half Life 3 Code Found In Portal 2 Mod Tools?

NowGamer: References to a 'Combine Advisor NPC' have sprung up in the Portal 2 SDK beta, with code to control targeting, shooting, and shields... could this be left over code from the next Half-Life game?

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TimmyShire3021d ago

Valve are being very convining about all this. It's not nice to mess with your fanbase like that.

fastrez3021d ago

Cool. Loving how sneaky Valve is being about teasers recently

skyward3021d ago

Think it's more an oversight than a teaser. Still awesome though. E3 reveal ftw!

the_best_player3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

@ below - Droid Control

You do know that the source engine supports 2048 x 2048 high res textures right?
Also the engine gets updated alot each year.


Droid Control3021d ago

Valve need to develop a SOURCE 2 engine. Their current engine is OLD.

As much as a want HL2:E3, i still fear its going to look pants upon release.

Fishy Fingers3021d ago

I wouldn't say Portal 2 looks pants. The source engine, will old still does the job. The next engine will be used for HL3.

HenryFord3021d ago

mhm... the Source Engine is old in terms of "It got released a few years back", but it is not like you have to develope a new engine everytime. Source is still a very, very nice engine (look at the Half-Life 2 HDR project, that is still using source...) and can compete with a lot of the current ones. Plus: It is compatible to a lot of old hardware.

DeadlyFire3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

I say Source Engine 2.0 + Half-Life 3 to be announced in 2012 maybe.

Since Valve says they are done with Episodes. Its more than likely its HL3. :P

AliC3021d ago

Perhaps millions of fan-boys (myself included)will wet ourselves if they announce something at E3.


hell yeahh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D im in love with half life it is 10/10 all day every day yeah dude!

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The story is too old to be commented.