Best Duke Nukem Cosplay Ever [PIC]

GR - "Hail to the king—or a man dressed up like Duke Nukem who's standing in front of a GAME store in England, anyway—baby. A redditor managed to capture the videogame character making macho poses in front of the entertainment store to advertise Gearbox's upcoming first person shooter."

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curbowb813020d ago

Now that you mention it i do remember him carrying a smart phone in his pocket.

techrave3020d ago

He looks wicked, there is so much hype surrounding this game that I have a feeling that it won't live up to it.

ThatArtGuy3020d ago

It depends on who you ask. People that were around for Duke's first couple of releases won't care about any reviews and will play it for themselves. People that weren't will still ask "What's the big deal?" even if the game gets perfect 10's from the media.

3020d ago
Darkspade3020d ago

Nobody told him the Game was Delayed

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The story is too old to be commented.