Gearbox Software to unveil new "materials" at E3

@XG247: The possibillity of seeing a new game from Gearbox Software at E3 is now getting even more likely.

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Kran3022d ago

Borderlands 2 please :D

Thrungus3022d ago

They should totally just announce and show everything they're working on ;)

DeadlyFire3022d ago

One of them is definitely Brothers in Arms series game. They already spilled that can of beans.

Borderlands 2 would be awesome as well.

Love to see Colonial Marines in action.

wallis3022d ago

Hopefully some real progress on colonial marines.

But frankly I'm willing to let go of that game if we some borderlands 2. I know it wasn't perfect but it was an awesome game and I'd love to see some real improvements.

Most importantly - more guns and maybe even the capacity to mod weapons with attachments. I'd love to see everything from energy weapons (those pellet guns called eridian weapons don't count) to grenade launchers to double barrelled shotguns. Borderlands had an impressive armory as it was but I'd still love to see more added to it.

Also real NPCS and not static quest givers.

BABY-JEDI3022d ago

I'm still waiting for Alien colonial marines. These guys seem to work in a very slow gear
: (
Hurry up chaps!!!

Thrungus3022d ago

I get the impression they have the man power to be constantly working on a several games. I'd expect to see it at E3!

BABY-JEDI3022d ago

I hope so too. It's just you don't get to see any updates on the progress of their games... : (

SynysteR3022d ago

Brothers In Arms please! :)

ger1013022d ago

It better be Aliens: Colonial Marines!!

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