X360A: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Hands-On Preview – The First 10 Hours

X360A writes:

"It’s very rare when you preview a game more than a handful of times, that by the sixth preview you’ll still have something fresh and new to say. Well, that is of course unless your name is Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Having successfully navigated the first few hours of it at the beginning of February, it was time for a whole new experience; one that threw us in at the deep end and allowed us to go deeper into the rabbit hole than we’d previously gone before. With access to roughly the first quarter of the game, this ladies and gents is Deus Ex: Human Revolution and the first 10 hours."

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Therealspy033026d ago

It's nice to see a preview that actually tells you what to look forward to (*Cough* Brink). Can't wait for this game.