Remedy talks Alan Wake 'f*ck ups' - and how it's learnt from them

Finnish studio Remedy has pledged that it next project will benefit from a slicker development process - following the hiccups it experienced making Alan Wake.

Wake was in development for a giant seven years, and was originally intended to be a fully open world game, but Remedy eventually elected to slim it down to a more linear action adventure.

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AliC3020d ago

The first game might have done a little better as a multi-platform game.

But I think there was so much hype for the game in the years leading upto its release that, that people probably expected more from the game.

Kran3020d ago

The problem is, no publishers really wanted to buyout the game to publish.

Microsoft kind of saved Remedy, but then screwed them over with barely advertising support for the game itself.

Legion3020d ago


I am assuming you mean better by the fact that it could have sold more copies due to having more market to play with?

I don't see how they could have made it better without Microsofts involvment, unless someone else would have stepped up to support them... which didn't appear to happen.

As for advertising support... I thought the game prior to release was well publicized. Everyplace I looked I saw an article or adverisement for it. It had a very large footprint on the 360 pages and the dashboard itself. And I liked the real life videos they created to promote the whole thing. Could have been a TV show from the looks of it. Better then that LOST crap.

Cheeseknight283020d ago

I thought Wake was fantastic. Other than the lip syncing. That made me cringe.

They have their own engine now though, just tweak it and we could have an excellent thriller on our hands soon.

3020d ago
AliC3020d ago

Or hurried up with Max Payne 3 :)

PandaJenkins3020d ago

This is why I love Remedy. They can admit they made some mistakes, and they know that developers need to take some risks. Alan Wake really stands out amongst the games that come out today and I personally loved it. I am glad they decided to not dumb down the narrative either since there is so much to it that is easy to miss. I think the linearity choice was good too, it really adds to the thriller gameplay. Don't think a sandbox would have worked as well tbh but guess PC owners will just keep whining about it and not getting the game.

TheOneWhoKillsYou3020d ago

How did Alan Wake fail? I don't own an xbox so I'm not sure. What I did play of it however, was pretty damn cool.

Legion3020d ago

I am not sure anyone is saying it failed as a game? It failed as it's original plan of an open world sandbox... but other then that I think it was a tremendous game on it's own standing as a suspence thriller.

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