Smash Bros Dojo site URLs may show something very interesting

Destructoid's Zeke has created an interesting analysis of the Smash Bros Dojo web site. Using deductive reasoning, he may have found a way to predict who Brawl's as of yet unannounced playable characters will be.

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KratosKilla4020d ago

This is old. Someone on smashboards posted this 3 months ago.

ShadoWulf4020d ago

Still... his logic is amazing...

My bet's on Megaman (rockman).

Edit: Or Ridley? Please? Bah, it's series names. How about Metroid. Ridley needs to be in this game somehow.

Wii60PS3DSPSP4020d ago

If anything Ridley would be a boss or assist trophy.

BlackIceJoe4020d ago

I think it would be pretty cool to see Megaman. Megaman seems like He would work great in the Super Smash Bros world.

YoMeViet4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

zomg Naruto is the new playable character lol Just kidding
seriously though i would like to see Naruto fight Mario...

Wii60PS3DSPSP4020d ago

I'm gonna go with Megaman also. I mean the original Megaman games 1-7 and Megaman X 1-3 started on Nintendo systems. Not to mention all the gameboy and ds Megaman games.

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