How Epic is Sony's Network Failure

Three weeks and counting. That's how long the PSN has been down, and with little information coming from the Sony camp anyone can speculate on when the network will resume service. I'm not here to bash Sony but simply to empathize with all the PSN faithful.

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M-Easy3025d ago

wah wah, wah wah wah wah. Same story for the last 3 weeks.

aviator1893025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

I think you'd have a totally different comment if you'd have read this article first..

DarkCharizard_3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

I wish to bubble him down for "Fail" :P

HappyGaming3024d ago

3 weeks? I started smoking again 3 weeks ago :-/


RedDead3025d ago has been 3 weeks

ThanatosDMC3025d ago

Has it been 3 weeks?! This might explain my stress, frustration, and restlessness and why i keep putting down flowers next to my MAG disk. :(

Guess, i'll finally finish Ass Creed B next.

FragGen3024d ago

Sony's doing you a favor by taking PSN down if you are still playing MAG. That game sucked. LOL.

jjohan353025d ago

It sucks. I actually renewed my Live subscription during the 2nd week of PSN's downtime. I wasn't planning to renew Live but with my school and work schedule, May is my least busy month and I definitely wanted to play some online gaming. My weird schedule makes me part of the minority.

Tyre3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

'For Sony be so lax with so much personal data is an EPIC FAIL' u know what an EPIC FAIL is: the way Facebook handles it's security and personal data and that data loss runs in the billion accounts and that's REAL...Sony was breached but Facebook losses the data ON PURPOSE....and that data is even more personal....stop this bashing on Sony cause the data loss of Facebook is mega. Facebook looks legit but in fact they could be consider worse than any organised cybercriminals group 'commiting datatheft' could ever be and more dangerous than any PSN hacker could ever be...peeps why hasn't an intelligent journalist jumped on that? People wake up u should be more worried about Facebook, if u are angry because of Sony's faults u should be more angry towards Facebook. The data loss is not Sony's fault entirely, but with on Facebook they leak personal data deliberately, tadaaaa!(that includes e-mail passwords etc lady & gents) apart from the deliberate data loss by 100.000 Facebook apps, there is also the thing with the 'like' button above every freakin' page on this site u know? it's a criminal spyware app from facebook that installs software on everybody's computer that illegally monitors our surf behavior EVEN if u haven't clicked on it and does so everytime u visit the page where it's on or with every refresh! so even people who haven't got a facebook page are being robbed of their personal data by Facebook...those buttons are everywhere and people are crying about Sony being so lack..that was not deliberate data loss, folks.

jack_burt0n3025d ago

wow more truth than you normally find on the whole of n4g, you sir know ur stuff, kudos and win for you.

data mining has reached a point of no return.

gcolley3024d ago

so we should ignore Sony and bash Facebook. why not both? why not teach these corporations about the trust we put in them with our personal details and their responsibility to ensure it is safe.

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lazertroy3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Not that epic once it comes back on it'll be like it never was gone.

Aarix3024d ago

the RROD is gone but people still talk crap about xbox becaue of it.

jke823024d ago

rrod still happens just because they released a redesign doesnt mean the older consoles dont suffer from it still

gcolley3024d ago

fanboys still talk about it. do you really care about the group of people that bash anything that isn't their own choice of console. their opinion is tainted and biased, their opinion is insignificant.

xxLuckyStrike3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

pretty epic considering how lax they were with your information... and didnt really care if it was stolen until it actually

Silly gameAr3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Yeah, it's crazy how far the hackers were willing to go just to hack the PS3. People don't think about that though. They're to busy ripping Sony a new one and submitting articles to get hits from Sony cheerleaders (his words) to keep their sites relevant.

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L3025d ago

That's a pretty ignorant statement to make. Again, SONY DIDN'T ASKED TO BE HACKED.

I really like how your article attacks only Sony and excuse the hackers. Good job./s

dragon823025d ago

They didn't take any info that wasn't already plastered all over social media sites like Facebook. A quick google search would turn up the same amount of personal info. Stop spreading you fanboy hate.

Istanbull3025d ago

Its also pretty epic how you got ignored for life here. Cry us a river, same story goes on for the past 3 weeks, don't you get tired of yourself?

xxLuckyStrike3025d ago

Man you guys are I better stick to online gaming :/

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L3025d ago

Don't you people get tired of writing the same crap we've been hearing on other articles? How about posting something useful for a change?

Kurt Russell3025d ago

I think the reason people are still talking about/writing about it might be down to the fact it is still happening. It's not like it is a thing of the past like RRoD which people seem to be happy to bring up (myself included) all the time.

It is a continuing ball ache not being able to play online. I haven't bought a PS3 title since it occurred, and won't do until it is fixed... regardless of these involuntary withdrawal shakes I have contracted.

SixShotCop3024d ago

lmao @ Intanbull

"Cry us a river"

Isn't that what you've been doing the past three weeks?

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duplissi3024d ago

well obviously no one expected this to happen... still not a valid excuse.

hindsight is always 20/20

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Godmars2903025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

I really want to see what the general reaction is the next time XBL goes down. More so if it gets hacked.

[email protected]:
Thing is people were looking to hang Sony by the 3rd day. When XBL did go down from server overload, the reaction was nowhere as vicious.

xxLuckyStrike3025d ago

if XBL does happen to go down i know it wont be 3+ weeks.. as they have learned at Sony's expense.. u can bet they have a back-up plan in place

Soldierone3025d ago

Let alone they see what lack of PR does in this situation and I doubt theyd make the same mistake.

SixShotCop3024d ago

Want a Kleenex Godmars? LOL!

gcolley3024d ago

@ Godmars290... whatever!
the reaction is extremely vicious considering XBL costs money. the PS3 fanboys go nuts over it, the media goes nuts over it. yet this article is pointing out one clear advantage to a moneymaking service.

no different to game sales. people carry on that sales don't matter when it suits their argument. yet a good selling game gets better support and a better sequel because of firstly, the huge cash injection and secondly the potential to repeat it next time. of course there are always exceptions *cough* CoD *cough*

lazertroy3025d ago

Were gonna go online with our mics say "I missed you" etc. for the first couple minutes then thats it. Were gonna be so happy to be online we won't care. Also if their are any extra features like Cross game Chat. "The PSN was down When???"

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