Project Cafe (Wii 2) To Be Called Nintendo Feel?

A new rumor has surfaced regarding the successor to the Nintendo Wii. This rumor states that Nintendo is thinking about naming their next console, which has the codename Project Cafe, the Nintendo Feel. While this may sound like a funny name it is substantiated by yet another rumor which states that Project Cafe will use Haptic technology in the rumored touch screens built into the controllers on the next generation console.

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KingNintendoFanboy3022d ago

I don't think this will be the final name.

jaredhart3022d ago

Do you know the final name KNF?

bwazy3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

You'd assume he does. I mean "Feel" is way better than Wii

potedude3022d ago

Feel is a horrible name. Just gonna play a bit of feel...

Doesn't sound right.

starchild3022d ago

Leave me alone, I'm just going to Feel my Wii for awhile.

Sounds kind of dirty, right?

matey3022d ago

Nintendo STREAM HD sounds more grown up and it sounds better as well as the word itself looks better and if the console is a Streaming revolution the STREAM HD makes alot more sense FEEL sounds like another weird name.

DeadlyFire3022d ago

Nintendo Feelstream anyone? :P Sounds strange, but Nintendo likes strange.

T3MPL3TON 3022d ago

Please, God don't let it be "Feel."
The lame ass Wii jokes were cheesy enough.. do we need jokes like, can you FEEL my Wii? We don't.

Seriously.. Nintendo.. Please.

MasterCornholio3022d ago

The reason why Nintendo gives such silly names to its console. Is to gather attention for it.

Theyellowflash303022d ago

I really don't care what it's called i just want to see and play it. E3 can't come soon enough.

MasterCornholio3022d ago

I dont want to offend Nintendo fans. But Nintendo Feel sounds sexual.

Valk3022d ago

Nintendo fans are not Sony fans. They don't get offended and attack people over their own opinion.

MasterCornholio3022d ago

Well if you put the NGP and 3DS in the same sentence then Nintendo fans go rabid. All fanboys boys a bad but the worst i have seen are 360 fans especially when they brag about Kinect sales or bash PSN.

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The story is too old to be commented.