The Elder Scrolls Theme Played on a Harp is F**king Beautiful

A few days ago, we found an incredible cover of the Duke Nukem theme. Today we’ve gone to the other end of the spectrum and found an incredible cover of The Elder Scrolls theme. It’s… mesmerizing:

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bfenty3024d ago

friggin' amazing. Her whole channel rocks.

RedDead3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Original is better, honestly the original kicks balls and has the epic thing that the Harp can't do, Skyrim is Morrowind with a bit extra and words added(Skyrim is better overall because of these things)

Just saying, normally things like these sound better on an instrument...or orchestra, check FF7 main theme

MWH3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

totally agree. one may make his own but the original is undeniably superior and will remain so.

and who does it better than the masters themselves:

Ser3024d ago

Wow, a harp. Niiiiiice.

Savader3023d ago

Damn...that was kick-ass!

Sparticus_13023d ago

Im currently learning the battlefield theme on the spoons

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