IGN - Halo: Reach - Top 10 Kills: (05.11.11)

IGN - We count down the ten best multiplayer kills from Halo: Reach. Air assassinations, mid-air splatters, death-defying leaps of faith, and much more.

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Firstkn1ghT3020d ago

OMG! That's top notch multiplaying action! Halo Reach OWNZ!!!!!!!

fatalred alarm3020d ago

no offence, but myself alone got tons of better or more awsome multiplayer kills in the last week.

Not counting that 4 passenger kills in the hog...that was just very nice.

Legion3020d ago

Much better then the boring Black Ops Top Ten I had to view awhile ago.

I always enjoy the ricochet of rockets off armorers and killing friends instead. Classic.