PlayStation Rewards to Award Motorstorm Apocalypse Players

Gamertag Radio writes: "The PlayStation Network outage isn’t stopping Sony from getting their customers to engage in some sort of online activity. According to an e-mail sent to Gamertag Radio, the PlayStation Rewards program is “starting fresh” this month, and the program is looking to give gamers brownie points for playing Motorstorm Apocalypse."

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Nitrowolf23020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

hmm gonna give it a try
free stuff never hurts

LOGICWINS3020d ago

Is every PSN member automatically in this Playstation Rewards thing?

MrBeatdown3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

It's probably worth pointing out, this is a different program from the PS Rewards beta that PS+ users got into. This is just something through a third party. I think the PS Rewards you are thinking of was the PS+ version directly through Sony, in which you basically ranked up for playing new retail games, completing quests, and buying stuff from PSN. Then each time you ranked up to a new level, you got a little downloadable prize pack (avatars and a theme). They've canceled the program now.

This seems more like a Tupperware party kind of thing, with Sony just being one of the companies that participates.

LOGICWINS3020d ago

Oh I see. Yeah, I was referring to the PS+ version of PS Rewards.

Soldierone3020d ago

Above is correct, however it isn't a "party" per say. Unlike the other promotions the site puts on this one isn't a physical thing.

You simply answer questions through the website along with doing things on PSN. They asked for your user account name to do so. You earn points and with those points you get stuff, if you are one of the first ones to reach the threshold.

You have to sign up and meet certain requirements and then they will approve you to be in this promotion. However even I was denied last month...

godfree3020d ago

Hey guys,

this isn't a scam. This is a promotional site that works with other companies to promote their products. We did a PS Move party thanks to them and Sony last year. They also sent us games too. All we had to do is post pics and talk about it. Plus we need to invite friends to play too.

dragon823020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

He is right. I have been a member for quite some time. I also signed up for the Move House Party but didn't get it. You can have parties for all kinds of things like food, toys, video games and other products. They send you a kit that includes party supplies and whatever product it is you are to demo. all you have to do in return is take pictures of your party, post them and blog about it.

godfree3020d ago

My staff member got the PS Move a month before it came out for free because of this site.

dragon823020d ago

I missed out on the Move House Party. :(