Angry Birds for Chrome already “hacked”, all levels unlocked

The HTML5 based game Angry Birds has already been “hacked” just a few hours after being released. Since the game's save data is stored in HTML5′s LocalStorage, it means that a bit of tinkering under the hood can allow coders to easily hack the game.

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RonyDean3022d ago

Had no clue that Angry Brids was playable in Chrome... may have to pick it up!

InFAMOUS13022d ago

It's free and was released today.. It is still in beta phase and it is in need of some tweaking but it is a great 1st go!!

a08andan3022d ago

Umm, why exactly would you spend time hacking Angry Birds? :P

LeShin3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

lol well said. Some people really need to get their priorities in order :-)

dragon823022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

You aren't much of a gamer if you can't beat Angry Birds without hacking. That's for sure.

Speed-Racer3022d ago

I think it's good for those who want to skip the levels they beat already on the phone to get those bonus levels available on the web app.

Chrono3022d ago

This is simple editing.