Witcher 2 Live Chat with Lead Developer Thursday 1PM PST/4PM EST

Atari and Gamestop have came together to bring you the Lead Developer for Witcher 2.

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ftwrthtx3023d ago

This is really looking like an interesting game and I'm looking forward to an open discussion with the lead developer.

TerminalGamer3023d ago

Look for a recap of the discussion sometime tomorrow evening.

Xristo3023d ago

This interview looks interesting. Hopefully I can catch it.

My only decision to make atm is, "Do I buy it from Steam or GOG?"...although I love Steam, I think I'm gonna get it from GOG for the DRM-free version and a free classic game...

Anybody object to my reasoning?

I understand that some will object in favor for the physical copy.

ftwrthtx3023d ago

I really prefer the physical copies. If given a choice, to me it always seems better in the long run.

ftwrthtx3023d ago

As for the interview, I'm not sure how that will play out exactly. Will be interesting to see how it works on Facebook.

Julie3023d ago

I got it from GOG , really if you are going to get the game digital i suggest getting it from GOG , they are really nice and have lots of classic games.

Also GOG is a sister company of CDProjekt Red team , you are supporting them directly :)

And they have The Witcher for 4,99$!!! :D

3023d ago