Modern Warfare 3 & Xbox 720 In 60 Seconds talks about Activision's plans to monetize the Call of Duty series, the rumours that Microsoft will announce the Xbox 720 at E3 and briefly touch on the PSN outage, all in 60 seconds.

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CatGlue3020d ago

PSN, please come back already!!!

aviator1893020d ago

Keep surviving, I'm right there with you.
Anyways, I hope mw 3 is a big step for the series even though that will be unlikely.

CatGlue3020d ago

No matter what they release, everyone will buy it and play it.

If it is a half decent game, it will make another world record or something, like their previous $2billion record.

hellerphant3020d ago

No matter what Modern Warfare will sell through the roof, it has too strong a following to fail and I doubt it will anytime in the near future.

Shame because they are really pretty average.

Tapioca Cold3020d ago

I won't pay to play.

But you xboxer's will. Way to go guys! Soon everyone will be paying because of you.


macky3013020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

You are already paying to isp provider,.. Why the hell would I pay MS for access to basically chips on my console I've already bought,.. Makes no goddamn sense,.. Someone should sue the fuck out of them,..

Ok, if there are added services you like and find value in,.. Pay ,.. Making it mandatory for online play,.. Is probably illegal,.. And that is why I will never give a penny to MS,.. (they probably got some chunk off my pre-installed windows though,.. but fuck them)

jessupj3020d ago

If dedicated servers were standard on all games then it would be worth it. Hell, I'd pay $200 per year if it meant dedicated servers were standard on ALL games.

MS charges you to play via P2P, that's just ridiculas. But what's even more ridiculas is people are actually willing to pay when it's free everywhere else.

I often asked the question, how many 360 fans would still pay MS for a gold account if they didn't need a subscription to play online?

Of course no one knows that answer, but I'm guessing it would be very few.

hellerphant3020d ago

I agree with Jessupj, they should just make dedicated servers the standard!

hellerphant3019d ago

Xbox Live offers an experience. It's not just online play, it's access to Twitter, Facebook, Last FM (in the US at least) and Netflix. It has built a community that is a core fundamental to the success of the Xbox 360 experience. I don't mind paying for something that betters my time on the console.

All the PSN offers is a slow, average store and some crappy music service you have to pay for....I don't pay for it though, so I'm fine with it.

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csreynolds3020d ago

Thanks for wasting 60 seconds of my life.

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