Treyarch Hiring for Black Ops 2

Amidst plenty of ‘Modern Warfare’ news, it seems that ‘Black Ops’ fans can get excited too. New rumors are strongly pointing to a direct sequel in the works at Treyarch.

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InFAMOUS13024d ago

I think it would be pretty cool if they hired someone with a freakin clue...

Ducky3024d ago

... you mean someone who knows the hotkeys Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V?

TheREAL-HyDRo1x3024d ago

Treyarch finally makes a game (COD:BO) people played by the mass (Remember: people played COD4 over [email protected]), don't know how to act!

trancefreak3024d ago

all i remember was "Mason the numbers!" "Argghhh I cant get these bleeping numbers out of my head" "Mason its a broadcast! You have been brainwashed" Stop with the numbers arrrggghhhh.

Something like that and to make things worse my name is Mason, Viktor Reznov, steiner I've been brainwashed!

awiseman3024d ago

They've already started planning the next COD?

Quick call the army! Al qaida says they want to attack the US...

InFAMOUS13024d ago

'Black Ops 2' has been in the works before Black Ops was even released. My guess is a good 8-12 months prior.. While it may not have been the entire team at Teryarch, it would certainly be a group of 20-50 people initially. Ya know, concept, art, story, writing etc. And then as soon as Black Ops went gold, it was full steam ahead with programming for 2... Awww the Activision cash cow.. Enjoy it while it lasts Bobby!

totallysane3024d ago

thats the problem with that cow, plenty of milk still to go around

SNEEKZ0NER3024d ago

Haha yeah obviously they saw how much money Black Ops made so they're trying to make even more with Black Ops 2.

LtSkittles3024d ago

that was quick, announce MW3, hire for black ops 2.

pepsilover_20073024d ago

unfortunately when people (cough,cough 12 yearold) stop buying it

Takoulya3023d ago

Basically, never until all of civilization is destroyed. Unfortunately, the survivors would probably rebuild civilization until the current state is reachieved and then Call of Duty will exist again. Rinse and repeat until Earth is destroyed...

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The story is too old to be commented.