New Brothers in Arms game to be announced "very soon"

@XG247: Speaking with Randy Pitchford this evening, CEO of Gearbox Software – the people behind the Brothers in Arms series, about any news on any current developments in the Brothers in Arms series.

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Warprincess1163019d ago

I hath Brother in arms. It just too tactical for me.

Scyrus3019d ago

all Brothers in arms just plain suk, they need to give up on it.

bad gameplay, bad graphics, they just dont try, reminds me of spec ops on ps1.

red bullets? lol the games r so bad

MintBerryCrunch3019d ago

more like your brain not trying hard enough to understand game mechanics

PRHB HYBRiiD3019d ago

its not that hard...suppressive fire , flank , kill ..... simple

morganfell3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Only this time we get to the snow. Brothers in Arms at the Battle of the Bulge. This is going to be sweet.

@Wolfam below

You will see Bastogne. They have spent a lot of time to accurately recreate the historical locations and allow for changes that occurred as the battle progressed through the winter and into the new year when the Germans attempted to break the Allied lines in Ardennes.

Mr Tretton3019d ago

I loved the first one on PS2

Thrungus3019d ago

Road to Hill 30 was amazing, probably one of my favourite games ever.

NYC_Gamer3019d ago

i hope the franchise can move beyond ww2

Galaxia3019d ago

Hopefully not because then the story would be missing two parts.

The Brothers in Arms games are the story of Sgt Baker and his team mates.

Next game will be the Battle of the Bulge then after that the invasion of Germany.

Only then can we move on to a new war, and hopefully it's Vietnam. To many modern warfare settings now. WW2 still has life in it.

slavish33019d ago

yeah i hope not either!

DOMination3019d ago

This game was announced ages ago as brothers in arms: savage seven. Just sayin'

Johandevries3019d ago


Out of all fucking franchises moving to modern day unoriginality, NOT Brothers in Arms!!

lastdual3019d ago

While I like BiA, I'd be more interested in Gearbox finishing up Aliens: Colonial Marines and announcing Borderlands 2.

TheRacingX3019d ago

I hear you there, Why aren't they finishing Aliens? or why is it taking so long? wasn't it announced in '06 or '07? I'm beginning to think this is the next Duke Nukem

showtimefolks3019d ago

i just saw the trailer for their upcoming show. and it said we will show single and MP footage.

I know why would this be a ps3 exclusive but its saying very soon

why would be it published by UBI don't gearbox work for 2k who is owned by take-two?

I am hoping for starhawk but if its this i will be just as happy

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The story is too old to be commented.