Mass Effect Limited Edition Available Online Only Through EB/GameStop

"If you were hoping to waltz into your local EB/GameStop on November 20 and pick up a Mass Effect Limited Edition, it looks like you're out of luck. According to the game retailer's website, the Limited edition will only be available as an online purchase," writes Kotaku.

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scrillakiller4016d ago

duh theres 1oo mil plus ps2 users.of course the ps3 will sell if the price comes down.please pple dont act like u didnt know

power of Green 4016d ago

Nintendo had the millions of fans before the PS won them over. lol

Those people are not waiting for the PS3 they are waiting for any console with lots of games with a good price. lol

sonarus4016d ago

some people will remain loyal to the play station brand while some will bounce to the system which most of their friends have and has the most games. This has already began to happen on both sides. PS3 is still basically selling off loyalty to the playstation brand however some ppl have made the leap to the other side. When games like GT, MGS4, GTA 4 comeout more ps2 owners will make that jump. These have all been games that have sold ps2's in the past.

On a side note seems like every game has a limited edition now adays. At least every xbox game.

green_ghost54015d ago

Idiots remain "loyal" to a company, are you kidding me "loyal" and what if the time came for Sony to be "loyal" to you......what do you think would happen?? they would laugh at you, hysterically.

scrillakiller4016d ago

well we shall see right.ps3 has lots of games rolling out now so we shall see.for example ive been playin ps since ps1 and have no interest in other consoles and theres a heck of alot of pple like me

ShiftyLookingCow4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

not again (it happened with Bioshock)

[edit] just preordered mine, it costs $87 with tax and overnight shipping. A bit of a waste but I love ME and Bioware.

green_ghost54015d ago

I preordered mine too, can't wait for this game to get here.

socomnick4016d ago

? thought the story was about mass effect ?

Kuest4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

What is going on here? What's with all this "PS2 has a strong user base" and crap?! Take it elsewhere guys, this is a MASS EFFECT thread. If you don't plan on discussing how lame it is for MASS EFFECT'S *LE* to be only available through Gamestop- just find another article.

This is getting ridiculous.

edit: to POG

Oh, I see. Thanks for the info, POG- I was REALLY confused.

Alright, guys above- your not so bad, but that whole "PS2 discussion" thing- it ends now. Keep it relevant.

power of Green 4016d ago

The guy your repling to thought this thread was about the "PS3 STRIKES BACK".. The Sony fan that post thos thread changed the story after it started out as an PS3 come back piece.

I agree with you but the contributor changed the post on us in pending.

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The story is too old to be commented.