Brink & GameNTrain: The High Five Podcast.

GameNTrain: If you have been following over the past 5 months, you would know how much Eric has been looking forward to Brink. 20+ articles later, Brink has hit his 360 disc tray. I was going to get Brink for PS3 but before the “Debacle” I promised Eric I would purchase Brink for 360 so that I could show him up. We’ll, we have a review on the way from resident writer, Wes, but in the meantime I wanted to give Eric a chance to give his perspective on his “Game” of 2011. Here is a short discussion between Bossman Eric and myself (Mr. Obscure) on a basic overview on Brink, impressions and why we support Brink as an experience, a competitive game and a franchise.

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