16 New Dragon Ball Game Project AGE 2011 Screenshots

Namco shared with the press a couple dozen screenshots of Dragon Ball Game Project AGE 2011, scheduled for release later this year on PS3 and Xbox 360.

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Xof3025d ago

It looks good. Very good. Personally, I'd prefer it if it were truer to Toriyama's art, but this is fine, too.

Here's hoping they actually remember to make the animations look as nice. It was silly in RB and RB2 to have hair that would just wobble slightly instead of actually moving. Goku looked silly flying around without his hair moving in the wind.

I also hope we have more than one Goku model. The one in the screenshots is too muscled. Too much a "late" DBZ-era Goku. I much prefer his design from the Saiyan and Namek arcs--the design was simpler. Cleaner.

Otheros003025d ago

That tells you nothing about the game other than what it looks like.

shikamaroooo3025d ago

they made the khmehameha kinda look like haduken

Quagmire3025d ago

well, where do you think the hadouken came from?

Neko_Mega3025d ago

Is that the health bars on the left and right sides of the screen? Because if so, I don't like them.

GunofthePatriots3025d ago

Graphics look pretty good. Trying to figure out what those "gauges" mean but havent come up with anything.
There is a fist (red), two arms blocking (blue) and 2 hands (yellow) no idea what that means.

There is that speedometer thing too....maybe it measures the action of each color type?
I think the other gauge (30,000) is health? looks pretty good. vibrant colors, clothes ripping, gorgeous environments. ill keep my eye out on this.

Dart893025d ago

I think those are increase power ups remember how on budokai if you would use hi-tension u wuld get an increase in physical damage etc.

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